25 March 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s The Zoo design contest

Animals of all sorts are set to be the centerpiece of Threadless‘s new The Zoo design competition. Here’s what they’re looking for…

When was the last time you went to the zoo? A school field trip? Last week? Channel your memories (smells ‘n all) and use your own artistic instinct to create a zoo-inspired design! Make an all-over pattern of tiny lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) Embrace the exotic sights, sounds, even smells of the zoo with florals, flourishing feathers, and colors as vibrant as a bird of paradise. Pay homage to your favorite animals from cats to capybaras, or go intergalactic and create a zoo of out-of-this-world alien ‘aminals’.

This contest opens to entries on March 30th, 2018 and ends on April 13th, 2018. One winner will earn $1000 cash, with additional prizing to be announced on 3/30/18. Additionally, all designers printed will earn $1 minimum per item sold (learn more about Threadless artist payments).

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