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Threadless: Star Trails and more this week

Star Trails by aparaat (aparaat) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I like how understated it is, using the visual inertia of the lines to pull you in. The circles have just enough variation to keep things interesting, with red and blue dashes sliding in among the white lines to create a more colorful sky. I’m not always fond of rectangular outlines, but it’s a technique that works here because it feels like a frame, and the way the mountains below extend past its borders still manage to capture some expansiveness that keeps the rest from feeling too cramped.

Horrorscope by Khairul Anam and Dina Prasetyawan (aanmyers) won Threadless’s Horoscopes challenge. It’s a great concept, taking the strange symbols for various star signs and transforming them into the villains of an epic monster flick. With its dim neon palette and grotesque illustration style, the art feels deliciously pulpy, like a real relic from a lost late 70s midnight movie. The composition is so packed that there’s genuinely a cool moment to notice everywhere you look, like the unsettlingly human eyes of the crab or the way the ram seems to peek out from behind Medusa’s snakes. It’s also fun because viewers will want to scour the scene to find their own zodiac sign… even though as a Libra, I feel a bit left out! Still, it’s a stand out piece and one that has a lot of appeal.

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