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Camiseteria’s Rise From the Ashes

Rise From the Ashes by Dale Hutchinson manages to tell a whole story in a single image, something I love to see in t-shirt design. The focal point of an exotic city on fire is immediately exciting, especially because of the way the very smoke and dirt seems to glow red with heat. The color palette paired with the sky’s twin moons mark the location as extraterrestrial, which had me scouring the city’s architecture trying to spot futuristic details. While the city doesn’t reveal many secrets, the story does continue to play out with the two shadowy figures in the foreground. One is perfectly geometric, a fat half circle of a head sitting neckless on rectangular shoulders- definitely a robot. The other character is more elusive, with a shape that might be human… or might not. I love that ambiguity, and the way the design leaves you wondering how these two relate to the scene in front of them. Are they travelers who have stumbled upon this scene? Or maybe culprits who caused the mayhem and walked away unscathed? No matter how you interpret it, it’s the kind of art that gets your imagination going.

Camiseteria winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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