06 April 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Monsieur Poulet’s Simon Sans Sa Cigarette

Simon Sans Sa Cigarette by Amandine Meyer is the kind of wacky, imaginative artwork I love to see on a shirt. It’s a unique landscape scene, appearing at first to be a simple cabin by a mountain at sunset… until you spot the closed eyes, arm and legs that mark that cottage as a strange creature, dozing away. Making the main character asleep reinforces the dream-like feel of the concept, and invites the viewer to wonder what will happen when the being wakes up. But what really works about this design for me is that it’s not purely about the house gag, it also allows the mountains in the background to have an intensely speckled style, creating a strange artistic texture so complex it keeps drawing my eye back towards it. That area of intensity helps ground the more simple style of the rest, and gives the design an aura of sophistication.

Winners at Monsieur Poulet earn 2 Euros per item sold, for a total of up to 2000 Euros.

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