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Threadless: Intricat and more new this week

Intricat by v_calahan (v_calahan) won Threadless’s One Line challenge by constructing a cat out of a single line that looks like an unravelling ball of yarn. It’s a great concept, and the execution is done playfully and thoughtfully, with tight swirls that curve in a way that looks fun and full of motion, and breaks appearing where the strand crosses above itself. That tiny bit of dimension makes the art feel sophisticated and planned. There are also neat moments in the face where the cat’s nose and eyes are outlined, giving the animal more personality. Good stuff, and my favorite print this week.

Misty Mountains by Ronan Lynam (RonanL) is another line-based artwork, using different styles of marks to create interesting textures in a mountainous landscape. Trees are illustrated just as you’d expect, with a line for the trunk and then a series of diagonal lines creating branches in a pine-line shape. But in other areas, things get more creative. I like the way that thin vertical dashes fill the mountains and hills, like a forest full of pine trees seen from further away. Loose, easy waves of white lines ooze their way across the scene, weaving in front of and behind landforms like a rolling fog. It feels like a real place, but infused with careful whimsy. My only complaint is with how sharply the art cuts off on the right and left borders- I think if some shapes extended past those artificial edges, the design would feel more limitless, more wild.

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