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Threadless: Hold On and more new this week

Hold On by Camille Chew (lordofmasks) won Threadless’s All the Feels challenge, and is also my favorite print this week. I like the way it uses the artist’s frequent motif of decorated hands in a different way than they appear in most of her work. Typically the hands help to convey a sense of mysticism, of magic and the occult. But in this illustration, they instead symbolize the ideas of togetherness and reaching out. Although the hands are very different in content (both in color and in the patterns they contain), their meeting feels electric with those dashed gold lines. A night sky and a lush daytime landscape, united in a single sparkling moment. Maybe this is a sunrise or sunset seen in a new, different way.

Taste the Cooties by John Tibbott (quick-brown-fox) first caught my eye with its electric color palette, a neon-tinged tumble of strange icons and objects. There are a lot of neat choices in this one, but one of the decisions that I enjoy the most is that the liquid spilling out of the can is bright blue instead of a typical cola brown. That shade makes the section feel like over-chlorinated pool water instead of a sugar drink, a strange chemical cocktail of water that serves as a puddle or playground for the detritus of a pop culture addled mind. The pieces chosen to represent cooties aren’t just real things like dice and Skittles, the stuff that falls between couch cushions or collects in dust bins. It’s also the mental equivalent, with an eyeball, cartoon bullet, and streaking pixel Mario finding their way to the scene. Interesting stuff, and I like the idea of treating pop culture as a contaminant.

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