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Threadless: Good Boys Club and more new this week

Good Boys Club by Brent Schoepf (wowrainbows) won Threadless’s Dogs challenge, and it’s also my favorite design this week. It feels like a bit of a delayed reaction to Bad Boys Club merchandise, but because dog owners are so consistent in their veneration of dogs’ perceived loyalty and pureness, it also works very well independently of any reference. The typography is refined and sophisticated, much like the values being professed. But what makes this design special is that it also is filled with nods to dogs’ goofy qualities, from the awkwardly posed dog at the top to the “such good” and “much wow” notes lower down. These choices really communicate the things we love about dogs, who try their hardest even when they have no idea what they’re doing.

No Spoilers by Jackson Duarte (JackDuarte) puts the motto of the modern media consumer in the form of every binge watcher’s favorite logo. It’s a powerful combo, and one most people can relate to- there’s probably not a single person on the planet who hasn’t had some twist spoiled for them by an over-eager sharer. The slight texturing gives the design a worn quality, making this shirt feel like it’s been through many a television marathon even when it’s brand new. I like that because it also describes what it’s like to discover an old tv show or movie when it’s unspoiled- although some of the elements show their age, a good piece of media still feels as fresh as the day it was created, maybe even more valuable now because of how its themes have withstood the test of time.

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