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Threadless: Tomorrow I’ll Start Running and more new this week

Tomorrow I’ll Start Running by Mauro Gatti (maurogatti) is my favorite Threadless print this week. This stacking method is a brilliant method for conveying a slogan, with lettering interspersed between the burger like extra layers of toppings. I think it’s a very visual approach to the way inactivity can build, the inertia of the enjoyment of the burger building until the exercise goal is just an afterthought, lost under a pile of bacon. The perfect picture of well-intentioned sloth, and it’s quite well-designed too with little touches like the slight shading and drip of cheese bringing the art to life.

Doing Shit vs Saying You’re Gonna by Brendan Leonard (semi_rad) might be the most casual slogan tee I’ve ever seen, with its roughly scrawled black text on a white shirt. It looks very much like something the wearer could have done themselves, and I think that’s the point. The quickness of the execution and the lack of obvious planning reflect the wording’s praise of action over elocution. It feels inspirational, and I like the way the > symbol puts all the emphasis on Doing Shit, making sure it’s the very first thing you see and react to.

Cardio is Hardio by redyolk (redyolk) is another design that keeps things simple, and this time the font choice says a lot. The use of tall letterforms with thin lines and frequent curves reinforces the idea of slenderness. The gentle arcs of the top and bottom lines of type add a playful feel, and also a roundness that helps support the design’s theme of battling the bulge. Even the overall shape of the slogan is interesting, with a compact IS at the center that almost makes the design look like a barbell or as though it has a slimmed waist. Impressive for a design that only has a few scant dashes as adornment.

Take a Hike by Cody Weiler (csweiler) is another Threadless print with an outdoorsy theme and a retro style, but this time instead of a classic one color print that aims for a timeless, worn feel the vibe is much more early 90s. I think that’s largely down to the font choice and gradient use, which give it an early computer graphics feel. Even shadow effect on the type feels like it might have been printed out on an older printer. I’ll admit that this style isn’t quite my cup of tea, but I suspect I might be older than the target audience, who might be more likely to have nostalgic feelings about the look. What I do appreciate is the accuracy of the style imitation, and the innovation in applying it to a genre (wilderness shirts) that so frequently sticks with more minimal artwork.

Frozen by David Olenick (DRO72) uses bold, simple graphics to show an everyday sort of tragedy- the dropping of an ice cream cone, leaving all that deliciousness ruined on the pavement. The goofy grin of the ice cream scoop and the soft “Let that shit go” text, though, encourage the viewer to stay unbothered. After all, if the ice cream isn’t worried about it’s tragic fall, why should you be? But at the same time, things tend to fall because someone has let them go… making this a surprisingly multi-layered message of both staying relaxed, but also being aware of the consequences. Very interesting.

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