29 December 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless: Breaking News and more new this week

Breaking News by Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow) is my favorite Threadless print this week. It’s a strong concept, especially for the many folks who see the world as becoming increasingly disaster-prone. But I think what really makes it sing is the attention to detail. The devil is drawn with such care that you can literally see the glee dancing on his face, just barely contained. The curved edges of the containing rectangle scream TV broadcast, and the LIVE, NEWS, and background globe imagery is so accurate to generic news broadcasts that it probably feels a lot like actual programs you’ve watched. I think there’s even an extra layer of meaning to the piece for those who criticize modern news television, because by casting the devil as a news presenter it introduces the idea that in addition to reporting on this chaos, he may also be helping to create it. Smart work.

Beach Lover by Santiago Sarquis (metalsan) won Threadless’s Cropped challenge with its illustration of a skull buried in and disappearing under the sand. Those gorgeous striped shades are definitely the star of the piece, calling to mind the retro color shirts of cheap vacation tees and warm sunsets over water. It feels like a reflection of what the skull is gazing towards, just simplified and pared down into basic geometry. The uniformity of the line weights used throughout is another selling point, as it gives the skull equal billing to the mounds of sand that surround it, making the cheekbone’s edge feel like it might be just another ebb in the beach’s natural terrain. And of course, the very slight distressing works excellently here. Not only does it suit the theme of the skull’s age, it also allows the viewer to imagine we’re seeing grains of sand blow across the scene.

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