21 December 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless: Moon Eye and more this week

Moon Eye by Victoria (Victoria Sochivko) is my favorite Threadless design this week. What really impressed me with this piece is the sense of texture it evokes- looking at those patterns of thin lines, it hits my eyes like soft fur. Looking closer only makes the art feel deeper, with each section etching out a landscape of clouds, mountains and trees. It’s the kind of scene that leaves me wishing I could explore it because it looks so rich and so varied, like there’s more life hiding under each of those trees just waiting to be found. And of course, those fragile, sketched branches in the background help give the rabbit’s silhouette its own environment to exist in, even as it hints at what you might see if you zoomed in on the landscape within.

Let that shit go by EstefAzevedo (EstefAzevedo) won Threadless’s Powerful Slogans challenge, and it’s definitely a phrase that feels appropriate for this moment in time. I think it’s interesting, though, that the text is something of a weak link in this design. Although the wording resonates, it’s styled in a way that seems somewhat oblivious to the details of the letters. For instance, the letters, while done in a cursive style, don’t actually connect- they all end slightly before hitting the next letter (and not with even spacing across the words). There’s also an awkward moment in how the lower part of that first capital L butts up close to the E, just barely leaving a sliver of space between the two. It would look so much more comfortable if that line continued a fraction of an inch to the right, finding a clearer landing place before the start of the T. This is in great contrast to the detail and grace of the floral art, which uses transparency and overlapping to create a sense of depth that draws me right in as a viewer. It feels beautifully organic, almost alive and caught in a breeze, and it is too bad that the lettering wasn’t able to capture a similar sense of freedom.

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