08 December 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Camiseteria’s É Hora Da Patrulha

É Hora Da Patrulha by Welli B. is an enticing mashup of Adventure Time and Game of Thrones. I think part of why this works so well for me is that the character combos feel almost right. Jake’s happy-go-lucky attitude might be the opposite of Jon Snow’s constant moping, but they’re both fairly average guys (despite their impressive birthrights) who have a knack for being right in the middle of all the action. And it’s fun to see Jake, usually such an affable fellow, suddenly fierce as a direwolf (but still loyal to the core). The Ice King’s giant beard makes for a visually interesting frame for the piece, and of course including that character also serves as a connection to Westeros’s Night King. And it must be said, the artist totally nailed that Adventure Time style.

Camiseteria winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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