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Threadless: World’s Best Boss and more new this week

World’s Best Boss by Cody Weiler (csweiler) is my favorite Threadless print this week. While the Best Boss and video game boss connection has been made in shirts before (including in Threadless’s own Final Boss), I think the simplicity here really works for the concept. The emphasis on the slogan and on Koopa as boss also allows the viewer to imagine what life might be like as a video game minion, some poor sap who clocks into work every morning only to get bested by a hero plumber. Walking back and forth between pipes all day is kind of a rough way to earn a living. And with Koopa’s piping hot mug and bared fangs, you just know he’d chew you out in a meeting. It’s a strong, well-realized concept, and the light distressing gives the perfect amount of wear to make sure you connect the pixel game world to this real one.

Got Your Nose by Santiago Sarquis (metalsan) transforms an ordinary gag into a gory event. Part of why this joke works for me is because the real “got your nose” trick is so basic- literally anyone can do it just by using their hand. So it makes sense that to fill a purchasable kit for the trick, you’d really have to beef things up- why not use the same kind of dangerous saw as you’d use to saw a person in half? The result is a bloody mess, although the child still seems to believe in the magic of the trick. For his part, though, the magician is frowning- probably trying to figure out how exactly he’s going to get this nose reattached. The small text at the bottom reminded magicians to roll up their sleeves does a good job of reinforcing the joke- messy as this situation is, this is really how it was meant to work.

Awesomesauce by Allan Faustino (alanis) keeps things simple with one ink color, creating a charming character that feels a bit like a sauce company mascot. With his little cape, eager smile and exploding lid, he looks friendly and prepared to save the day. Plus, the low color count and cartoon look appealing retro, giving the design a timeless kind of wearability. It’s exactly the kind of sweet, cheerful art that the word awesomesauce deserves.

Hot Tea by Nacho Diaz (Naolito) anthropomorphizes a tea bag in a novel way, giving it the same bad habit of peeing while swimming that a particularly uncouth human might have. Part of the humor is that tea is often seen as a sophisticated drink, something associated with leisure and British accents. So seeing it in this very vulgar way makes the joke even more of a shock. The tea bag’s round eyes and huge grin make him seem like a bit of an unstable character, or maybe a bit dull-witted, but you almost have to admire the joy he takes in this prank. Clever stuff.

SHARK FROM OUTER SPACE by Villainmazk (Villainmazk) packs a powerful punch by packing the canvas with brilliant color. This design uses a large rectangle to frame the art, and it’s a choice that really works conceptually because of the shard motif used surrounding the shark. It creates the impression of this massive animal slamming through the side of its tank, escaping in a huge, colorful scatter of broken glass and bright pink chum. It feels electric, exciting, and dangerous. Even better, the artist’s careful markings etch out a rough texture for the shark’s skin that helps him to stand out from the chaos he’s creating.

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