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Threadless: Coping with Stress and more new this week

Coping with Stress by Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow) is my favorite Threadless print this week. The poor decision-making in the illustration is at once hilarious and also sadly relatable, especially because of the sheer awkwardness of trying to drink out of a coffee pot pitched at that angle. You can just tell this is going to end poorly, only adding to the stress. I love the choice to make the protagonist a diner waitress because it accomplishes so much at once- it’s a notoriously stressful occupation, it creates the opportunity to incorporate that perfectly retro uniform, and it even gives some added context to the coffee pot. All that means that even though all we see is some wood grain behind her, every viewer is imagining a bustling diner just out of the frame. Good stuff!

Ramen and Cats by Pepe Rodriguez (ppmid) is delightfully weird, in large part because of the open question of whether the cats are an ingredient in the ramen or just the consumers of it. Whatever the case may be, the cats seem very content with their fate as they slurp noodles and paw chopsticks. Their contentedness and glee is contagious, especially when paired with the design’s bright color palette. This is a design that quietly suggests that maybe you SHOULD play with your food, and it’s an appealing message.

Divide by Forrest D (ForrestMoon) won Threadless’s Asymmetry challenge, and it’s definitely a strong, memorable piece. The human face is what draws most of my attention, as its chiseled features literally look like they’ve been carved in stone, creating sharp edges and deep shadows. It’s a face that feels serious and solid, so seeing it explode into delicately rendered flowers makes quite a statement. It’s like seeing imagination, creativity, and freedom, especially because of how these blossoms also break through the rectangular frame. Apart from the excellent conceptual work, I also want to call attention to how much detail this design contains- little moments like the way each flower’s petals are captured and the skin has a subtle texture make this an illustration that feels rich and rewarding to look at over and over again.

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