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Design By Humans’s All Over Ugly Christmas Sweater winners

Design By Humans has launched their All Over Ugly Christmas Sweaters collection and announced the winners, and overall it’s a very nice, diverse group of designs. Let’s take a closer look at the top two…

Merry Slothmas Pattern by ramarama took first place, and with its focus on the sloth it should definitely be a crowdpleaser. He’s a great character, all decked out in his own Christmas sweater and Santa cap, merrily drinking away the holiday. It’s appealing because the sloth’s laziness embodies how most people want to spend their winter- just having fun and lazing around with no responsibilities. I think the additions of the Christmas objects like bells, ornaments, and candy canes as confetti throughout the piece help reinforce the festive atmosphere, and the zig zag stripes help it to feel more like a traditional sweater than just a repeated illustration. That said, I think the design would have been even stronger still if some variation was introduced to the sloths (such as a slight position change, minor interaction between sloths, or a sweater color shift) to make each repetition feel more like a unique character and thus make the design stand up better to repeated and close viewings.

The X Mas by DiegoPedauye claimed second place, and is my personal favorite of the group. I love the quirky use of salmon for the collar and cuffs, which give the piece a really eccentric flair and help the color palette to stand out from other holiday designs. There’s a natural connection between our weird holiday traditions (flying sleigh, red-nosed reindeer, Santa’s speed, etc) and the strangeness of extra-terrestrials, particularly since the sleigh could pass as a UFO. So the concept of this piece feels really right, highlighting the oddness that already exists in the holiday. It also incorporates some excellent visual moments, prime among them the way the UFO beaming up a reindeer is represented. I love the way that moment disrupts the entire sweater pattern and serves as a massive focal point, with the shape of its beam recalling the jagged green trees behind it and a row of deer who seem to react to the plight of their captured brother. Very intelligently done. The sole weak link in the piece is the inclusion of the “The X Mas” text at the bottom- it’s unnecessary because the other elements make the theme’s point more strongly, and the text makes an X-Files connection that weakens the otherwise very broad appeal of the art by making it a specific parody (and at that, one that isn’t backed up with other show-specific design elements). Still super-wearable, just a slight wrong note in a piece that otherwise nears perfection.

Check out the whole All Over Ugly Christmas Sweater selection at Design By Humans.

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