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Threadless: Science is Magic and more new this week

Science is Magic by Cody Weiler (csweiler) is Threadless’s Science challenge winner, and also my favorite print of the week. I like how the art mostly keeps things simple, but makes the most important sections pop with the application of subtle shadows. It also works thematically, since seeing that three dimensional illusion in two dimensional art is its own kind of visual magic. The playful shift from solid caps for the science and works section to the casual cursive and angling of magic feels really fun, almost as though a wand scrawled the yellow text in the air and dotted the I with a star.

Tokyo Kaiju by Pigboom Kaboom (pigboom2014) stands out to me among other Godzilla-themed shirts because the focus is so different this time. Typically we see the creature being actively destructive, looming above a destroyed cityscape or simplified to a playfully chaotic cartoon. But here instead the emphasis seems to be on the build of the character, the specific ornate sharpness of his spiny plates and the texture of those rough scales that cover his body. The lines of these features follow the curves of his bulky body, naturally drawing the eye around his monstrous form. And of course, by using the iconic Japanese red circle as a background and having the creature’s body push outside its contours, we also get a strong indicator of his largeness.

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