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Threadless: Watercolor Wave and more new this week

Watercolor Wave by Kingdom at Heart (kingdomatheart) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I love the way it reads as an abstract at first, but is still recognizably a wave when you notice the curved thrust of its energy. There’s a strong sense of motion being portrayed, but the soft tones make this wave feel gentle and refreshing rather than a literal force of nature. It’s the kind of bold, but still uniform design that appeals both to the crowd that craves large, busy prints and those who look for quiet sophistication.

A Cloudy Night by Lili Batista (spookylili) is super fun and cozy, with a whole heap of clouds cuddled up in an all-over repeating pattern. I like the individuality that the clouds have been given, so that there are unique relationships and interactions throughout the piece (my favorite is the upside-down cloud, who could not possibly look more relaxed). While having a mostly white design could be a bit boring, the artist smartly got around that by adding some slumbering stars to the mix (as well as a cloud with a teal sleeping mask). These pops of color keep the eye moving and prevent the art from seeming too static.

Moonlight Magic by Camille Chew (lordofmasks) creates a spooky scene with a disembodied hand at its center. Lightning bolts extending from the hand mark it as having great power, and symbols painted on the hand like henna imbue the art with a more mystical, extraordinary feel. Standing out from the crisp lines of the rest, that big patchy-textured planet hovering in the background makes quite an impact and establishes an unearthly location for the frightening festivities. Even the stars aren’t quite what they seem. The ones far away might seem normal enough, but closer in it’s not ordinary stars forming these strange constellations, it’s an odd collection of tiny glyphs in shapes that span from geometric to skulls and eyeballs. It all adds up to something with an occult spin, but so smoothly executed that it has a lot of design appeal.

Fatty Cat by Sage Perrott (Haypeep) packs a lot of personality into its chunky little body, creating this character as an unruly, disheveled fellow whose fur is such a mess that it carries several strange creatures in it. While I have no clue what the creatures are meant to be (giant fleas? sentient dust clouds? normal-sized cats?), I think that’s part of the charm. I see them as part of this big cat’s posse, ready and willing to follow him into a fight. And looking at the angry angle of his narrowed eyes, this cat is definitely hoping for a fight sooner than later. It’s a cool scenario, and the constant lines of the cat’s fur give him so much texture you want to reach right out and pet him (even though he’d probably bite!).

Watching by Katie Lukes (k_lukes) plays with the classic spooky concept of seeing disembodied eyes in the dark. Usually they’re in pairs and the fear is that the animals or maniacs they belong to are hiding in the dark, but this design takes a much more cartoon approach by grouping all the eyes in one mass, seeming to either be just eyes or one very strange many-eyed creature. It lets the viewer’s imagination take flight, trying to dream up something to match that set of eyes. Also, by using a rough look for the eyes that lets the shirt color peek through, these eyes become even more different-seeming, unlike human eyes. Good stuff, and the simplicity makes it really wearable.

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