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Threadless: Cat Piloted Cyborg and more new this week

Cat Piloted Cyborg by andremuller (andrefmuller) won Threadless’s Costume Tee challenge, and it’s also my favorite design of the week. While the concept is nothing new, the completeness and skill of this rendition set it apart, making it something really special. I love the stylized look of the cat, whose eyes have become extremely large (almost looking more like a classic little green alien than the traditional proportions of a cat). It’s a choice that conveys a canny intelligence, which combines with the dangerous computer messages and technology look even more potentially destructive and villainous. I like the way the art tells a complete story, setting the scene by showing that not only is the shirt’s wearer being piloted by a cat, it is additionally a cyborg experiencing some pretty major problems- wires hang in disarray, and every screen displays an error message. Very thorough, and every bit of it feels fun and interesting. The only flaw I see at all is the slight kerning issue that makes DES and TROY on the red error screen read as separate words rather than one complete one.

FUN RIBS by Francisco Alberto Avelino & v_calahan (Skate_e1) is wonderfully imaginative, a striking design that suits Halloween’s spooky season well but is so fun and good-looking it wouldn’t look out of place any time of the year. I love the idea of using the snake’s ribbed bones as a track for a scary rollercoaster, using the curves of the snake’s body to make a dramatic path for the ride that is all capped off with the freaky, fanged skull at the very top. It looks like a great ride, so it’s no surprise that the tiny skeletons (who, along with the mountains and trees, help to establish the snake’s massive scale) appear to be enjoying the trip. Even the moon grins as he looks on the scene, pink eyes glowing fondly. Super original!

I See Your Future by Camille Chew (lordofmasks) sets its spooky scene well with all manner of creepy fortune-related implements, from tarot cards and cryptic tablets to tea leaves and a magic ball. The way everything seems to float around the central crystal ball adds to the magical feel, especially because stars also speckle the scene. The emptiness of the circle in the middle makes you want to peer right into it and discover its secrets, which is the perfect way to illustrate this concept. Excellent work over all, and the slight distressing helps make the elements feel ancient and powerful.

Bride Hair Day by David Olenick (DRO72) parodies a popular phrase by giving it a Halloween twist, applying it to the rather unique look of the Bride of Frankenstein. With her striped beehive hairdo, green skin and neck bolts, she’s a stark contrast to the usual bedhead and makeup free appearance that the phrase usually evokes. But what really makes it work is that… she DID wake up like that! From death, not from sleep, and she was woken up by an electric shock rather than an alarm clock. But the perfect appropriateness of the phrase makes it much funnier than an appearance joke alone would be, and the minimal cuteness of the illustration lets the humor breathe.

Do You Want To Play a Game? by Alexander Pawlicki (APSketches) is a spot-on mashup that puts Monopoly’s Uncle Pennybags in the role of Jigsaw, the creepy tricycle-riding puppet from the Saw franchise. It’s a combination that works because both characters are very recognizable, and also adhere to similar palettes and proportions. My favorite aspect, though, is the way it seems to send a message- maybe capitalism was the real villain all along? Not many horror shirts also have a clear message about economics and inequality, so I think this one will find a lot of fans.

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