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Threadless: GANGSTER and more new this week

GANGSTER by Yort Evangelista (yortsiraulo) won Threadless’s Anthropomorphism challenge, and it’s also my favorite print of the week. I love the way it tweaks dogs’s reputation as being man’s loyal best friend and instead lets this pup be a rebel. But of course, the goofy spirit of the golden retriever remains in this fellow even as he misbehaves- he’s just tooling around in a bumper car instead of taking the wheel of something more powerful, and although he’s presumably run over his master, the silly touches like the bumper car’s flag and the wildly exaggerated text (what kind of gangster rides in a bumper car?) ensure that the viewer can’t take it too seriously. Pups just wanna have fun, and this doggy’s playing at a Ruff Life but will probably be back to playing fetch before the day’s over. My money’s on the master just playing dead.

Black Magic by Pepe Rodriguez (ppmid) is the rare cute witch design that doesn’t feature a black cat, and I love the decision to center the art on this dramatically horned goat as her familiar instead. It’s a great point of difference from other pieces in the same vein, and I think there are enough fans of the movie The VVitch that plenty of people will look at this fondly due to Black Phillip. The witch’s wizardly garb and blue hair put her on the friendly side of spooky, and that kind of simple but cheerful look is also applied in the smooth, rounded lines of the goat’s pelt. Even the moon, which frames the art so well in the background, has a few round speckles of texture to help soften it a bit. It’s the kind of art kids love, but done with enough sophistication that adults won’t be put off.

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