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Threadless: Taco Belle and more new this week

Taco Belle by Cheyanne (salmondesign) is my favorite Threadless print this week. It’s a fun piece of punning, comparing the restaurant name Taco Bell to the Disney princess Belle of Beauty and the Beast. What makes this especially fun is the way it takes a character from the immaculate, magical world of fairy tales and puts her in the context of something mundane, messy, and although delicious very far removed from the riches of castle living. It makes magic of something we all love about everyday life. That’s a lot of fun, and I’m sure this sings especially strongly for those who share an affection for both the food and all things Disney.

Open Space by Cody Weiler (csweiler) left a slightly odd first impression on me, and one that I’m fairly certain wasn’t intended. Since I initially saw this design as a small thumbnail the shape is what jumped out first, and to me the shape of the art (with its rectangular shape and curved top) looked a lot like a gravestone. So when I clicked in for a closer look and saw the staircase steps rising on the left, I thought I might be looking at a Stairway to Heaven riff. The thing is, the rest of the elements (the silhouetted observer staring up at the sky and the extremely star-studded vista) don’t necessarily back up that theory. So I think the intention may have been to simply create an attractive, interesting scene with some geometric elements, it’s just that the specific elements used for framing led me a bit down the wrong path. And none of that is a knock against the design, although it may be a bit awkward for some to wear a design that appears at first to hold a message… only to ultimately come up more empty than expected.

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