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Camiseteria’s Crânios e Cardeais

Crânios e Cardeais by Saulo Alonso de Souza Pereira takes subject matter we see a lot- birds and skulls- but tackles it in a different, interesting way. Typically with this sort of design the bird in question is one the seems foreboding, either a dark-hued bird like a raven or a crow or a predatory one like an owl. But here, it’s the bright red cardinal that interacts with the skulls. Instead of reflecting the theme of death, he flutters around playfully, peeking from skull cavities and flying between bones like this is a set of fun perches to explore rather than a dark, depressing vista. It almost starts to feel like the skulls are smiling as they watch the birds’ antics. That’s a far cry from the first impression viewers got, when the red might have felt more like blood against the backdrop of skulls. I like the way each bird feels unique, drawn at a different angle and enjoying the skulls in a different way. The skulls themselves, though, are less strong because of the obvious repetition. I think a little more differentiation there, even something as minor as adjusting the missing teeth, could have made a big impact.

Camiseteria winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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