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Threadless: Magic, Spell & Dragonfire Forged and more new this week

Magic, Spell & Dragonfire Forged by Jorge Lopez Ramirez (expo) is my favorite new print this week. The vintage style and classic simplicity of the artwork make it feel like an actual logo for an old company, and it’s fun to see that look applied to a fictional object from a medieval-inspired world. The fonts are well chosen, with the right mix of strength and elegance. There’s also a nice detail at the sword intersection where small lines imply the sharpness of the blades. While I think there was a bit of a missed opportunity to use some of those text areas for humorous references to Westeros, there’s no denying that the current design is very wearable and a fun option for fans who want to represent their fandom in a more sophisticated way.

A Vegan Horror Story by ged works (gedsalazargarcia) makes sense of the cauliflower’s pale color by imagining it as a ghost that haunts broccoli. What I find interesting about this design is how different it is from most food jokes- usually we’re meant to find humor in the fact that food is going to be eaten, or in its healthy qualities. But here the gag is purely based on color, and if their classification as food matters at all it’s just to add a layer of meaning (when you eat broccoli, cauliflower is created). That’s kind of neat because it means you can enjoy the shirt whether you’re a vegetable fanatic or a broccoli hater- it’s just silly and fun, and doesn’t reflect the food preferences of the person wearing it. The details are pretty great, too- I like how elaborate the broccoli’s fear is in his cringing, and making the cauliflower float is a nice touch.

Bat-Fink by Nick Perry (redlegger) translates Batman into the style of Ed Roth, with cool results. This neon palette, rough lines, and creepy details make the superhero very unlike his usual black and sleek appearance. Part of what makes it work, though, is that in my opinion he still fits into the Bat Universe, just in a different way- now he feels like a zany henchman of a lunatic villain instead of a hero. This is what a vigilante ought to look like, a crazed character stalking the night in search of criminals. Batman by way of the Joker.

Thronopoly by Evan Ferstenfeld and Jango Snow (FRICKINAWESOME) imagines Game of Thrones as a board game, which is a lot of fun. The series’s many battling factions and the important role of luck and chance definitely give it the feel of a game, as does the way that few characters and houses are entirely good or evil. The complexity and lack of true heroes and villains is unusual for a fantasy series, but makes perfect sense for a Monopoly-style game where many players are engaged in a cutthroat attempt to claim as much of the board as possible. George RR Martin, so recognizable with his trademark hat and white beard, is a great replacement for the usual Rich Uncle Pennybags, and his presence (famed as he is as a killer of so many characters) also underlines the fact that only one player can win.

Summer is Coming by BBDreamDesigns (BBDreamDesigns) is super-clever, and the type of design that big fans will enjoy poring over. Although the Game of Cones pun is slightly goofy, it’s so well-supported by the artwork that you buy into it fully. Even the line divider is made of ice cream cone shapes, twisted and combined to make an authentically vintage-feeling ornate detail. The genius of the art, though, is in showing each cone and labelling the flavor, but never directly stating which house it represents. That turns the piece into a fun trivia game for fans, determining by the color, shape, and ingredients of each treat which legendary Game of Thrones family it’s meant to represent.

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