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Threadless: Snide Effects and more new this week

Snide Effects by David Olenick (DRO72) is my favorite new design this week. It’s a slick pun, and the execution of the artwork only increases its appeal. The choice to use an emoji-style illustration helps to make the concept even more relatable, and emphasizes the passivity of the action. What really puts the cherry on top, though, is the slight distressing and mild disarray of the elements. It adds a graffiti quality to the art that makes it feel like it has the same kind of symbolic resonance as, like, a cave painting. It’s at once unique, clearly demonstrating the hand of the artist, and universal.

Emergency Kosplay by Ian Byers won Threadless’s Safety Card challenge, and it really is a clever take on the theme. The first five panels feel very true to what’s actually on a safety card, demonstrating proper technique for getting your own oxygen sorted before helping someone else. But that sixth panel reveals the twist- it hasn’t been a life or death situation, this is all just a bit of cosplay and our characters are dressing up as Mortal Kombat characters. It’s a smart way of taking a scary situation and turning it into comedy. I also like how true it is to the cosplay ethos- so much good cosplay is about taking inexpensive, ordinary objects and transforming them into professional-looking costumes and props. This feels like something an intrepid cosplayer might actually try, which makes the joke even funnier.

Dead in the Water by Cody Weiler (csweiler) is an interesting piece to me because it uses a very minimal style, but in a way we don’t usually see that look used- to tell a complex story. So we’ve got those smooth, geometric lines, solid shapes and light distressing seen in so many Threadless nature tees, except this time they’re not just sketching out an outdoor environment, this time they’re breaking down a concept into two distinct halves. First, there’s the skeletal hand firmly gripping a large, golden compass. This feels spooky, but also wistful- it’s clearly the portrait of a character who didn’t get where they were desperately trying to go. Inside the compass, we get another perspective on the same idea- in this case, a letter in a bottle drifting towards some distant shore. It helps paint this character as utterly lost, but still possessing some hope. While his body may be decaying at the bottom of the ocean, something of him lingers on and might still reach his destination.

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