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I’ve just added another t-shirt competition to the list on the right.

Camiseteria is a Brazilian company (yes, this means the site is in portuguese) with a t-shirt competition that appears to work by the Threadless model where submissions are voted on and some of the highest scorers go on to be printed. There also seem to be some competitions sponsored by other companies (Camiserteria Extra, kind of like Threadless Loves) including one called Typographic Mixtape, which may be the coolest phrase I’ve heard this week.

They’ve definitely put together a great collection of shirts:


Shirts shown are Silencie, Limpeza Geral, Hey Stop and Lar Doce Lar.

Although the site is in portuguese, I had an easy time determining the english translation. I used Babelfish for the trickier bits, and it’s a great site well worth the extra effort.

The prize for being printed is R$350 cash and R$350 in Camiseteria products.

** Update: An english version of the site is planned, I will update this site with more information when it is online.

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