17 July 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s I Am You

I Am You by ManuelDA is a reference to the anime Spirited Away, but what I like about it is that the theme of the artwork is so strong that you really don’t need to be familiar with the movie at all to appreciate this shirt. There’s a prevailing sense of the importance of connection in this design, which shows the characters as united in two different ways. At first they face away from each other, but a thin thread of something still weaves them together. Below, they’re separated by the city, but still reach out to each other and connect. Bright colors and detailed silhouettes ensure that every inch of the piece feels interesting and vibrant.

Pampling has two options for winners of their contest. XPress winners earn 1 euro per shirt sold, with a minimum of 100 euros guaranteed. If the design sells well, designers may have the option of earning 500 euros to give Pampling the exclusive printing rights for one year. The second option is Classic winners, who earn 680 euros cash and 120 euros in t-shirts (or 720 euros cash) for the first 400 units and exclusive rights for 3 years. If the design is reprinted, the artist earns 850 euros cash and 150 euros in Pampling products (or 900 euros cash).

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