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Threadless: Take Your Time and more new this week

Take Your Time by Ewan Brock (benobrien) is my favorite print this week, largely because that clock character is just so charming. With his headphone-like alarm bells, floppy arms and crooked grin, he seems like the kind of relaxed, fun-loving character that is easy to relate to. Clocks are often symbols of stress, indicating that time is running out, so it feels good to see one used in a very different way here. The outdoorsy background feels fresh and bright, with leaves that give the sense of trees lurking just out of sight. There’s a cool moment in the way the unusual cloud shape mirrors the shape of the arms, serving to make the clock’s arms look even softer. And of course, the perfectly pleasant little smile of the sun sets an ideal tone for the piece, communicating a very gentle, welcoming spirit.

BITCHIN’ by Perry Beane (BeanePod) is a serious blast of 80s flavor. It’s impressive how many elements of that retro style have been incorporated here- the geometric shapes, script type with a gradient, animal pattern, California beach references, doodles, and even animal pattern. But while there’s so much going on, it absolutely works. Part of that is due to the fact that the 80s are so much about excess that you can get away with it, but a lot is also owed to the artist’s skill in arranging these elements. In particular, trapping the background in a tight circle is a choice that works really well, letting the white of the shirt to help balance out all the brilliant color.

Cats are Nice. by Joel Robinson (obinsun) makes a lot of understatement, with humorous results. There’s a really silly quality to the concept, because of course very few cat owners are so evenhanded in their assessment of their animals- they typically love not only their cat, but also cats in general, and the few exceptions tend to land far on the other side of the spectrum with tales about how their misbehaving feline is an actual demon. The human character’s uneven eyes point to her unreliability- the real question is whether she’s underselling her love of cats out of meekness, or lying about this cat’s merits because he’s right there and he’d hold a grudge (and that cat DOES seem to be frowning…). That’s a lot of potential layers for a relatively simple drawing, and I think that’s exactly what makes it interesting and wearable.

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