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Threadless: Fuck Yeah and more new this week

Fuck Yeah by Ian Byers (ibyes) is my favorite Threadless print this week. I really enjoy the simplicity of it, and the smooth way that the E and A of YEAH unspool to become high-fiving cartoon arms. There’s a great retro vibe in the color scheme, gloved hands and lettering style that helps the design to feel a touch vintage (aided by some light distressing). I think the best moment, though, is the way the smashing of the hands creates an explosive star symbol that obscures the text behind it. It’s a neat effect because it’s reminiscent of the way profanity is often typeset with * symbols and similar, and it’s a lot of fun to see this illustrative take on the concept.

Mort by Pigboom Kaboom (pigboom2014) uses the canvas of a white t-shirt in an interesting way, imagining it as a thick fog that oozes around the shirt’s grim reaper protagonist. It’s interesting that while reapers are often depicted as scary or aggressive, here the character seems almost lost instead. His head is bent, his feeble hands seem barely capable of holding onto that scythe, and his trademark dark robe is in tatters. It all communicates a heavy weariness, making this reaper someone you sympathize with rather than fear. It’s interesting stuff, but I think the concept suffers due to the relatively small print- if this design took up more of the shirt, the white of the shirt would feel more authentically like fog rolling in rather than an artificial border.

(Dark) Side A by Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow) took me a minute to get, since I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. But I think for people who are more into the series, this is a strong concept. The idea that Darth Vader’s chest panel might be a tape deck is a double hit of retro nostalgia, and also injects some levity into an otherwise dark character. It’s funny to think of Vader pressing play on his Imperial March cassette before he dramatically walks down a hallway. Plus, there’s some good attention to detail in having both the volume and the bass cranked up, just like Vader’s voice.

Meowllennium Falcon by Hillary White (wytrab8) is one of the wackier Star Wars shirts you’ll probably ever see, replacing the Millennium Falcon with an awkwardly sleeping cat. Style is a big part of why this works, using a loose, almost doodled illustration style that wouldn’t be out of place scrawled in a school notebook. That easy, carefree look helps the joke to land as silly rather than forced. And of course, the “pew, pew!” detail emanating from the cat’s paws is a great moment of humor, the kind of choice that raises the level of the whole design.

Margarita Reading by Sage Aune (sagepizza) is part of a series by the artist that incorporates favorite food objects like cake and cookies into tarot card form. I think this design might be a bit over my head since I don’t know much about tarot, but my guess is that (since most cards I’ve seen in pop culture are kind of dark or foreboding) the premise is something along the lines of imagining cool, positive things that everyone likes as being predicted for the future instead of, like, death and swords. That’s a fun and relatable angle, and the art style used feels authentic to the medium.

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