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DesignByHumans: All Over Contest winners

Design By Humans have announced the winners of their big All Over design contest, and the results are pretty spectacular! A total of 18 designs printed, with subject matter spanning from the abstract to food, the outdoors, and even outer space. Some shirts boast buckets of brilliant color, while others feature tamed-down palettes for a more sophisticated look.

Taking the top spot was Falldown by Eyesore427. This was my favorite of the entries, so I was glad to see that DBH awarded it First Place. There’s just so much that this design gets right. For starters, I love the way it decks the shoulders in that inky star field, creating bold contrast with the pale tones of the shirt below. The way the blackness oozes in (or out?) of the astronaut’s helmet make it feel strange and diseased, like space itself has infected him and turned his normal existence suddenly alien. The pose of the spaceman communicates both weightlessness and the sheer power of the black shape in his twisted posture, even giving the piece some depth because of the angle he’s contorted into. I also like the attention to detail of featuring the astronaut on just the front, leaving the back to contain only drips. A lot of all over print shirts make the mistake of making both sides identical even when it doesn’t make sense, and I think there’s a level of quality gained by not doing that here.

You can see all of the All Over design contest winners at Design By Humans.

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