15 May 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Monsieur Poulet’s Covoiturage

Covoiturage by Ludwick has a title that translates to Carpooling in English, and that’s exactly what we’re treated to in this illustration. It’s a fun, exaggerated take on the concept that goes to extremes, imagining the passengers with their heads blown up to Easter Island sizes, all packed into a thin convertible like sardines. I like the way each of the passengers is reacting differently to their plight, from the annoyed driver to the nervous balding man and even a weirdly excited spiky-haired fellow in back (who seems to be making a play for controlling the steering wheel). It captures pretty well how it feels to be stuck in a tight place with a big group, where everyone’s worse characteristics become amplified since there’s no way to avoid them. I think my favorite moment is the way the car tires are handled- by only showing the two tires nearest the viewer and tilting the body of the car, the artist is able to create a really uneven feel to the art, like the entire car is riding on two wheels and the weight of its passengers is threatening to tilt it even further to the side for an inevitable crash.

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