22 March 2017 ~ 1 Comment

Shirt.Woot: Community Choice 2016 voting highlights

This week was a nice break for artists who participate in Woot’s derbies because instead of new art, Shirt.Woot gathered up many of the best shirt designs from the past year for the Community Choice 2016 derby. That means there’s a ton of quality art to vote for because everything seen was already popular enough to be printed. I made a list of my 2016 favorites earlier this year, and those are the three designs I’d most recommend people vote for in this week’s contest…

Good Luck Cat by thesleepingsky has a bold, rough look that I can’t get enough of.

Cosmic Bear by Spiritgreen impresses with a moody gradient and some top-notch illustration skills (love that highlight on the small bear’s fur).

I Dream of Freeze-Dried Ice Cream by rasabi is a smart piece for all the folks who spent their childhoods dreaming of space camp… and never quite got there.

Get your votes in before the derby closes on Thursday at noon. The winning design will be featured in its own plus sale and printed on a variety of items.

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    beautiful designs!

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