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Top Daily Tees of 2016

2016 has come to a close, so it’s time to reminisce about some of the daily t-shirt design industry’s biggest hits and most clever prints from the past year. As usual, there are some other sites that I’d like to include, but in order to put the list together I have to limit my focus to the sites that have current, up to date archives of their past print libraries. In no particular order, here’s a look at my personal top three prints from these daily tee sites this year…


Jellyspace by Angoes25 (September 6th, 2016)

A jellyfish becomes akin to an alien lifeform in this colorful space epic.


Reading Lovecraft by queenmob (October 15th, 2016)

Reading Rainbow transforms into a creepy tentacle in this ode to a master of horror stories.

She-Read by wytrab8 (June 9th, 2016)

A masterful parody that injects an action cartoon favorite with some brains and self-actualizing spirit.


Good Luck Cat by Skylar Hogan (August 3rd, 2016)

I love the roughness of the illustration and the bored malevolence of the black cat’s expression.

Cosmic Bear by Spiritgreen (July 9th, 2016)

Beautiful coloring makes this design a standout, a lovely mix of outer space and a forest nature scene.

I Dream of Freeze-Dried Ice Cream by Rasabi (May 21st, 2016)

A fun ode to the childhood dream that most of us never quite managed to experience, all done up in a style reminiscent of the real thing.

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Rebellion by alex.pawlicki (December 19th, 2016)

Perfectly mimics the style of Metropolis, starring with the standout robot from the new Star Wars.

Optimus Trans by manospd (June 29th, 2016)

I love the seriousness and solidness of this business-minded Transformers parody.

Currently available at TeePublic.

Triple Beagle Portrait by AlbertoArni (June 26th, 2016)

A loving tribute to all Snoopys, from the early comic to his modern incarnation and all his most fun moments in between (especially those pilot goggles!).

Currently available at TeePublic.

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