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Tee Contest Year in Review(s): 2016

As another year of shirt design has come to a close, here’s a look at the best and brightest designs for each month in 2016!


Face Party by Krista Perry (kristerpelly)

“It’s fresh and playful, with an unusual color palette and lots of interesting shapes and flourishes that make it the kind of design that you can look at over and over again and still find something new.”

Threadless: Face Party and more new this week, January 17th, 2016


Origami by Rodisley Jose da Silva

“It’s an unusual way of illustrating a very common feeling, that hearing a great song can make you feel like you’re floating.”

Camiseteria’s Origami, February 29th, 2016


Great Outdoors by radiomode

“I love the way the bear’s shape is simplified with sharp, angular edges that help him suit his triangular environment.”

Threadless’s Great Outdoors and more new this week, March 13th, 2016


Gamer Crest by CoryFreemanDesign

“Crisp little daggers of shading give the art a woodcut feel, while scrolls and a darker color palette help to impart a feeling of tradition.”

Pampling’s Gamer Crest, April 29th, 2016


RNBW by Brent Schoepf (wowrainbows)

“It’s not often you see such a classic symbol reinterpreted so spectacularly, which makes this design something very special.”

Threadless: RNBW and more new this week, May 22nd, 2016


Music is the Way by Sebastian

“The pattern of fret wire also starts to feel like a staircase, and paired with the blue glow at the end it’s reminiscent of that ever-popular tune Stairway to Heaven.”

Camiseteria’s Music is the Way, June 20th, 2016


Music is the Way 2.0 by Báda

“…interprets an iconic image in a new way by changing the perspective and showing that there’s more to the story.”

Camiseteria’s Music is the Way 2.0, July 25th, 2016


We Never Had It Anyway by Adam Priester

“…a very strange, perfect black triangle rising past the clouds, like a symbol for mountain somehow stuck among a range of the real thing.”

Threadless: We Never Had It Anyway and more new this week, August 14th, 2016


Adventure in the Cave of the Skull by Rodisley Jose da Silva

“This design is a great example of visual storytelling because it lays out a strong narrative but also looks cool at a glance.”

Camiseteria’s Adventure in the Cave of the Skull, September 25th, 2016


Astral Projection by Robson Borges (robsonborges)

“The overall sensation is one of beauty, but also helplessness and surrender.”

Threadless: Astral Projection and more new this week, October 2nd, 2016


Birdtopia by Santiago Sarquis (metalsan)

“Looking at this design, it really feels like you’re seeing this bird at two moments in time, both at rest and in flight among its flock.”

Threadless: Birdtopia and more new this week, November 18th, 2016


Please Take Your Seats by Graja

“…the gag is made even funnier with a whole bunch of smaller jokes fleshing out the illustration. The CTRL key is, naturally, controlling the scene with his flashlight…”

Pampling’s Please Take Your Seats, December 18th, 2016

That wraps it up for 2016, but you can see how t-shirt art fared in past years in Compete-tee-tion’s 2015201420132012, 2011, and 2010 contest roundups.

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