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Threadless: We Never Had It Anyway and more new this week

threadless we never had it anyway

We Never Had It Anyway by Adam Priester (Adam Priester) is my favorite design of the week. I love the way it makes such great use of a massive all-over sublimation look, really emphasizing the scale and majesty of its contents. There’s a nice bit of storytelling in this image, conveying the idea of a lone explorer who climbs to the top of a rocky outcropping only to see a very strange, perfect black triangle rising past the clouds, like a symbol for mountain somehow stuck among a range of the real thing. The use of black and white is really clever with that stripe of clouds separating the two and serving to highlight the solitary human figure. And of course, I also appreciate the beautiful layers and lines in the rock, contrasting so well with the perfect black of the triangle.

threadless wanderthreadless frozen fire

Wander by Ross Zietz (arzie13) is one heck of a weird parody. In the current climate of pop culture mashups everywhere, it feels kind of odd to see commercial branding used to glorify nature rather than poke fun at a TV show or comic book. It’s especially strange here since on the surface, nature and Wonder Bread are pretty much polar opposites. But that’s exactly the genius of this design, I think. Looking at this you can’t help but think about how ill-applied the word wonder is to a grocery shelf, when outside it amazing things like that mountain range exist. And the replacement of the word with wander invites you to imagine all the cool things that exist just past that mountain, too. The big yellow setting sun ties things back to Wonder Bread’s circles and also helps reframe the mountain’s color choices as indicative of a gorgeous sunset. Good stuff!

Frozen Fire by Miguel Espinoza (migfunk) has some fun with a narwhal’s horn, using it to toast marshmallows with a penguin buddy. But of course, this being the freezing cold ocean and all, it’s not quite the outdoorsy campfire scene it looks like at first glance. Instead of a fire, they’ve got a jagged little iceberg, and the sky isn’t just dotted with stars, it’s also sprinkled with snowflakes. There’s a nice shooting star effect (in the form of an arching line) that helps blur the line between star and flake, and that ambivalence helps it to feel like we’re seeing things the same blurred, imaginative way the animals are in their pretending. The consistent, dashed style is visually pleasing, and also calls to mind the flickering light of a campfire.

threadless frozen planetthreadless the shape side

Frozen Planet by Eric Zelinski (EZFL) makes kind of a perplexing first impression- I was initially reminded of a moldy peach because of the white coating on the outside. So reading the caption was a relief, and once I had that concept in mind it was easier to see the outer shell as freezer burn and ice crystals. The rest of the layers, especially that mint chocolate chip and melting core, feel more ice cream-y and make you want to bite right in, though. There’s something really magical about the idea of a planet-sized dessert.

The Shape Side by Skylar (the Sleeping Sky) is an unusual, geometric take on the iconic look of Darth Vader’s helmet. This bright, pop-y, and very 80s looking style is such a mismatch with Vader’s constant darkness (both in wardrobe and spirit) that the art becomes really funny, almost like a clown version of a villain. So I think Star Wars fans in the mood for something a bit wackier than the usual fare will appreciate this one. There are also some nice, subtle touches in the still very geometric white highlights and the chunky gradients that break up each shape.

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