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Camiseteria’s Music is the Way

camiseteria music is the way

Music is the Way by Sebastian is one heck of a crowd-pleaser, mixing music with some colorful surrealism. The human figure is the first focal point, and the long neck of the guitar draws the eye downward towards that warm explosion of color on the base. That path down the neck is brilliantly done because it makes you think of the way music often takes the listener on a journey, transporting the imagination to a new and exciting place. The pattern of fret wire also starts to feel like a staircase, and paired with the blue glow at the end it’s reminiscent of that ever-popular tune Stairway to Heaven. There’s just the slightest suggestion of an environment with those glowing pillars of musical notes, not necessarily interesting in their own right but very useful in creating a mystical ambiance and helping to define the shape of the guitar’s body.

Camiseteria winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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