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Threadless: Face Party and more new this week

threadless face party

Face Party by Krista Perry (kristerpelly) is my favorite design this week, because it’s just such a fun, odd piece. The sublimation dye technique and big, hand-drawn style of the art combine to make it feel like a shirt a particularly talented kid has gotten hold of and doodled all over, in magnificent fashion. It’s fresh and playful, with an unusual color palette and lots of interesting shapes and flourishes that make it the kind of design that you can look at over and over again and still find something new. Good stuff!

threadless moon sailingthreadless introvert

Moon Sailing by dandingeroz (dandingeroz) takes a concept I’ve seen done on shirts before, the idea of the crescent moon as a boat, and improves on it in a couple of key ways. Making the boater an astronaut rather than an ordinary person is a master stroke because it makes you imagine this guy coming across the moon in outer space and taking it with him to further his explorations. The realistic style of the art is another smart choice, heightening the surrealism of the scene. And finally, I like the detail that this boating doesn’t seem to be happening in Earth’s oceans- a close look at the surface of the “water” reveals that it’s a mass of cloud-like structures, spotted with stars. This is the kind of combination of elements that really ignites the imagination- where will he go next?

Introvert! by Nicholas Ginty (Gintron) is an interesting winner for the Ka-Pow Bam Zap contest, which asked artists to create a design in classic comic book style. This definitely delivers that, by using a descriptor common to comic book fans (introvert) and presenting it in a familiar form, that of sound effects in comics. What takes the idea up a level, though, is the background art- it’s the same kind of explode-y, colorful shape you’d see behind a lot of sound effect words, but because the word this time is Introvert, it feels visually like all the action is imploding, being sucked inside itself. It’s a neat trick, turning the word from just a description into an action word.

threadless the pink pachydermthreadless hope through the storm

The Pink Pachyderm by JonahMakesArtStuff (biotwist) is a great use of massing, creating a huge herd of elephants and tucking away an energetic pink one in their midst. While a lot of designs using this technique do it by having a lot of very obvious and immediately visible forms that repeat, this piece hides most the repetition very well, and you really have to look for it. That’s great because it makes the herd feel really alive, like each elephant has its own personality. I feel, though, that this design is a bit let down by the small print size- that rectangle has a lot of blank space on all sides, making it read as kind of artificial. If a larger print wasn’t possible, I think a shape other than a rectangle (either a circle or something very organic and loose) might have helped make the shirt make a stronger first impression.

Hope Through the Storm by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca (tobiasfonseca) is kind of an unexpected take on snowflakes. Typically when artists create designs about snowflakes, it’s about their uniqueness or the random, chaotic way they fall. But here, it’s the exact opposite- snowflakes are lined up right next to their duplicates, regularly spaced in firm, thick stripes cutting across the shirt. In fact, rather than feeling like an actual snowstorm, this is a design that feels a bit like being engulfed in a festive Christmas wrapping paper. While a little more randomness might have been more to my personal taste, I think there’s no question that the boldness of this design will make it very popular with customers.

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