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Top Daily Tees of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to do Compete-tee-tion’s annual look back at the year’s best daily tee designs! While there are several more sites that I’d love to include, not all daily tee sites have up-to-date, chronological archives of their past designs and thus could not be listed this year. But thankfully, there’s a lot of good work to enjoy on the sites with active archives! Here’s a look at my top three picks from each:


teefury may 25th 1977

May 25th, 1977 by JPCOOVERT (October 8th, 2015)

With simple, bold shapes, this design is able to express both the year Star Wars premiered and show some of the iconic space ships that helped make it famous.

teefury shadows of suspense

Shadows of Suspense by MMARCIN (June 4th, 2015)

This portrait of Alfred Hitchcock also contains references to some of his most iconic movies! Fittingly, those clues are hidden in the shadows…

teefury asgardening

Asgardening by MATTKAUFENBERG (September 20th, 2015)

I love the way the playful, child-like art style contrasts with Thor’s immense power and very serious responsibilities.


shirt.woot i promised i'd find you

I Promised I’d Find You by patrickspens (August 8th, 2015)

There’s so much story in this shirt design- the army of evil robots, the child in danger, the heroic good robot and his risky rescue plan, and even hints of a strange, polluted dystopia tucked away in the background.

shirt.woot believe in yourself

Believe in Yourself by Bootsboots (August 6th, 2015)

Fun typography and the perfectly self-assured look on Nessie’s face make this design a winner.

shirt.woot live slow never die

Live Slow Never Die by maloandthewhale (April 21st, 2015)

Remember that game you played as a kid? This sloth-y update will get the nostalgia flowing, and the amount of detail makes it impressive from an artistic standpoint as well.

RIPT Apparel

ript smugglers

Smugglers by manospd (August 27th, 2015)

Classic sports team style is used to great effect in this Firefly tee. Who wouldn’t want to join the team?

Currently available at TeePublic.

ript pawns go first

Pawns Go First by artbroken (July 7th, 2015)

Finally, a shirt you can wear whether you think Magneto Was Right or that you wanna learn from Charles Xavier.

Currently available at RedBubble.

ript game over

Game Over by DJKopet (December 5th, 2015)

One of the most interesting new fake sweater shirts this year, this piece is a veritable museum and shrine to the awesomeness of pixel art!

Currently available at TeePublic.

For daily updates on the daily shirt sites, follow TeeMagnet.

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