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Camiseteria’s A Guerra dos Tipos

camiseteria a guerra dos tipos

A Guerra dos Tipos by Mauricio Fontinele does something really neat, appropriating the style of boxing posters to deliver a battle between different font styles. What’s especially fun about this to me is the way that each style’s ampersand becomes its own character, each with a unique outfit and personal style that reflects the look of their letterform. So the serif is very dapper and bit old fashioned with his fancy hat, trumpet and the way he drinks from a glass. Meanwhile, the sans serif is every bit the young rebel, wearing clothing that reads as more athletic, drinking a coke an listening to his iPod. It’s fun to imagine what this showdown will actually consist of (is it an athletic performance as suggested by sans serif’s clothes? a concert of some kind? maybe even an actual fight?), and the way all options are left open lets the imagination run wild. The color palette, consisting of tweaked shades of primary colors, has a nice, classic feel that suits the concept well. I also enjoy the sheer number of fonts on display- often that would feel over the top or cluttered, but it makes perfect sense for the theme here.

Camiseteria winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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