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Threadless: Veteran Wasteland Hoarder and more new this week

threadless veteran wasteland hoarder

Veteran Wasteland Hoarder by Rich Allen (abandon__ship) is a design that is immediately recognizable to Fallout fans because this? Is a constant experience in the game. Since the gameplay rewards you for collecting every scrap of material (in the form of toasters, bowling pins, and everything else you can think of), even a player with exceptional strength is going to be struggling to carry it all! Gamers will get a kick out of scanning that huge haul of items, because it’s all real stuff they’ll remember having encountered in the Wasteland. I also like the style shift, which keeps the objects fairly realistic while Vault Boy himself is much more of a cartoon. And of course, having that lone bottle cap on the ground behind him is the perfect finishing touch.

threadless a pumpkin protestthreadless wefie

A Pumpkin Protest by Nicholas Ginty (Gintron) is another design objecting to the pumpkin-ification of beverages in autumn, but what sets this one apart is how well the character of the pumpkin is conveyed. There’s a real bossy cast to his features in the length of his frown and that sassy hand on his hip, eyes slammed shut like he’s not at all willing to listen to anyone’s disagreements. Even the sign is well done, with scrawling text that looks like marker on poster board and even an insistent slash through the O in NOT. Solid work overall.

Wefie by ilovedoodle (ilovedoodle) showcases a really fun collection of animals, all gathered together for a selfie. The smooth, clean art style is well-chosen, and helps the design to feel perfect for kids and the young at heart. But of course, what really cements the concept is the way all these characters interact. I love the way the elephant uses his trunk to fit the whole gang into the frame, how the giraffe’s neck makes a comfortable perch for the koala, and especially how the rabbit sits on the elephant’s head. I mean, that rabbit is basically using his actual bunny ears to give the elephant bunny ears! That’s amazing!

threadless lutsen, mnthreadless cheese doodles hooray

Lutsen, MN by Brent Schoepf (wowrainbows) is the winner of Threadless’s Rep Your City contest, which sought photographic designs to be dye sublimated. This piece is a really great use of the technique, taking a dramatic nature photo and helping it to suit the medium even better by using a white fade at the top of the art. This strategy creates an interesting first impression, almost giving the effect that a fog is rolling in over the trees. It helps the photo to sit really naturally on the shirt, rather than completely overwhelming it as some photos might. There’s even a nice balance between the white of the river at the bottom and the white near the collar, the shape of the river leading the eye through the trees and ensuring that you appreciate every bit of that forest.

CHEESE DOODLES HOORAY!! by Perry Beane (BeanePod) ought to please all the cheese fanatics with its eclectic cartoon patterning. What’s nice about this is that each cheese has a distinctive personality, most evident in the hilariously sour face on the blue cheese. Since everyone else is all smiles, his extreme grumpiness feels like a breath of fresh air, and a genuinely funny juxtaposition to the rest. Stuff like this is just plain fun, and I’m glad to see it get printed.

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