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Camiseteria’s Roundscape II

camiseteria roundscape 2

Roundscape II by Fil Gouvea fills a circle with a quiet, beautiful scene of hot air balloons and birds flying high over a mountainous landscape. This emphasis on landscape is common to hot air balloon designs, which like to put a lot of focus on the kind of exotic views its riders are able to see. But what strikes me as interesting about this design is that it’s not an empty environment- there are homes on those peaks, enjoying some of the same vistas as the air passengers. For the people living on the ground, those balloons are part of the gorgeous visuals they’re enjoying. So that’s kind of a fun take on the subject matter, helping to make the area it portrays as a place you could live instead of just a place you see fleetingly and pass through. There’s also something quite beautiful about the greyscale color palette, which almost feels like a black and white photo- a relic of a more amazing time, maybe. The bright yellow sun provides a good point of introduction to the piece as it immediately pulls in your eyes, and its color brightens up the scene and helps it to feel cheerful and optimistic.

Camiseteria winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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