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WeLoveFine’s Adventure Time 3 winners

we love fine persistence of jake

WeLoveFine announced the winners in their third Adventure Time design contest, but I think it’s Hot Topic that really won this one. There are some fun ideas in the winning mix at WeLoveFine, but Hot Topic’s pick, Persistence of Jake by Jeremy S., is definitely the best of the bunch. I love the way it capitalizes on Jake’s shape changing abilities, showing him melting and wobbling in a very Jake sort of way. And while it’s close enough to the Dali original to make the parody clear, there are also a couple of Adventure Time references tucked away (the snail on the tree and the Rainicorn mention on the plaque) that increase the silliness and make it more fun for fans of the cartoon. Rectangular designs can sometimes seem awkward, like the art was intended for a different medium, but this piece overcomes that by having the tree extend past the rectangular borders (and the plaque helps break things up too). Good stuff!

See all the Adventure Time winners at WeLoveFine.

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  1. Jeremy S. 16 November 2015 at 10:30 am Permalink

    Hey, I found your site by accident, and came across this article! I am that Jeremy S. and I sure appreciate the kind words!

    It’s funny because I entered several designs, and almost didn’t do this one because it was getting super late with only a few hours till deadline and it was not yet finished. My wife urged me that this one had to be included, so she stayed up with me while I finished it up! Fun!

    Anyway, this is a great site you’ve got here for folks who dig the shirt design contest world, and I thought I’d say howdy!

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