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Threadless: Woodstock(s) and more new this week

threadless woodstock(s)

Woodstock(s) by Dgeph (jeffrigby) is my favorite of the new Peanuts shirts that Threadless released this week. It’s just such an iconic idea, using the bird Woodstock to replace the bird for the familiar Woodstock concert graphic. And even better, this one color treatment helps give the shirt a throwback, classic kind of feel that is very much in keeping with the sense of tradition evoked by both the concert and cartoon. Even the rounded rectangle backing the piece feels like it’s been intelligently selected to subtly remind viewers of childhoods spent watching Peanuts specials on old-fashioned TVs.

threadless we love your dirtthreadless power to the peanuts

We Love Your Dirt! by v_calahan (v_calahan) imagines Pig-Pen employed as a house cleaner, which makes perfect sense and is pretty funny to think about. But what really takes it up a level and makes it hilarious is that the cleaning van is surrounded by Pig-Pen’s trademark dirt clouds, a reminder that a guy covered in so much grime might actually be making things dirtier instead of cleaner. I also love the “We love your dirt!” tagline, because it opens up the possibility that he’s not cleaning up the dirt so much as he’s giving it a new home.

Power to the Peanuts by John MacDougall (macdoodle) casts Peppermint Patty as Rosie the Riveter. It’s a choice that I initially questioned because Lucy is the most prominent female Peanut, but upon further reflection it’s a smart choice because it avoids Lucy’s characteristic bossiness and Patty’s more goodnatured, rough and tumble vibe suits the concept well. That said, the funniest part of the shirt is definitely the way it highlights the strange, stubby arms of Peanuts characters. I could do without the distressing (it just doesn’t feel true to either the comic or the poster), but it’s definitely a solid piece overall.

threadless scouting since 74threadless he's a wild dog

Scouting Since ’74 by NDTank (NDTank) has a nice hand-crafted feel that suits its scouting theme. I like the way it references so many things familiar to the comic’s scouting plots, from the phrases Beagle Scouts and Tenderpaw to Snoopy’s habit of sleeping on top of his tent. It’s a piece that gives you a sweet feeling, but has enough of a sophisticated look that it doesn’t feel kiddy. The one misstep in my opinion is the inclusion of the oath “Never cut out a friend.” When I googled the phrase only three hits came up (a Peanuts wiki, this shirt, and an unrelated technology company page), which makes me think that even most hardcore Peanuts fans won’t recognize it. Even worse, it’s kind of a weird phrase and doesn’t feel very scouting related. I think using some other text in its place would have made this a stronger design.

He’s a Wild Dog by Rick Crane (The Paper Crane) impresses me in part because it’s one of the rare Peanuts tees that Threadless has printed that doesn’t use that familiar Schultz drawing style. Instead, the artwork here is strictly geometric, full of rigid lines and precise curves. I love the way this style is at odds with the wildness often attributed to wilderness. Instead of feeling like Snoopy is headed for the woods to howl at the moon, you see something that feels closer to his personality- he’s out there seeking the simple life. Fresh air, tall mountains, mighty trees and beautiful sunsets look so peaceful and idyllic in this style that it makes you want to join him (maybe inside the tent instead of on top of it, though).

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 minimum per item sold (learn more about Threadless artist payments).

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