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Threadless: Color Bomb and more new this week

threadless color bomb

Color Bomb! by Philipp Rietz (badbugs_art) is definitely my favorite design this week. With its massive color count, brightness, and geometric pattern, it’s pretty much everything I want in a sublimation shirt. That printing technique is perfect for this style of art, and in my opinion this design is also well-timed because it’s perfect for summer (no wonder it also printed as a tank top!). The gradients and triangular shapes are fun to look at because they feel dimensional, like you’re staring into a rainbow-colored crystal. Very wearable!

threadless color spherethreadless flock of birds

Crystal Sphere by Rick Crane (The Paper Crane) is another design this week built with crystalline structures, although it takes the opposite approach with its color palette and sticks to a gradient of green and teal. It’s a tactic that pays off well, leaving the artwork with a sophisticated, understated feel. There’s something very classic about the way it looks like just a circle at first glance, and waits until closer inspection to reveal all its intricately drawn detail. All those angles in the lines keep the eye moving, making it feel like this sphere is alive with motion and activity.

Flock of Birds by radiomode (radiomode) really nails that retro sensibility, both in shapes and in its color choices. Overlapping of birds helps to create some interest with color shifts, and a light texturing helps the piece to feel handcrafted. Overall its a very successful design, although I think a little more height on the art might have made it fit the shape of the shirt better. For that reason, this is one of those rare prints that actually works a bit better as a v-neck than a traditional tee- placing the art a little lower due to the different collar actually helps the piece to feel a little more balanced.

threadless love catsthreadless wow rainbows

Love Cats by Arkady (Arkzai) is a simple one color piece that interrupts a classic heart shape with a series of thin, curved lines that transform the heart into a collection of cats. A couple of artistic choices make it more interesting than just another cat shirt, though. One is that solid line, slicing through the center of the shape like a broken heart. It’s probably been done to emphasize the heart’s shape (which lets the curves on top stay fairly subtle), but I feel like it also hints at the somewhat antagonistic spirit cats are known for- they can be great animals one moment, and complete jerks the next. Another choice that really works is the way stripes and dots are applied to some of the cats to give the scene more variety. In particular, the night cat (complete with a moon!) on the upper right adds a ton of personality, leaving me wishing that a couple of the others had that degree of artistic individuality as well to make all the cats seem truly unique. But even without that change, cat lovers will find a lot to like with this one.

Wow! Rainbows! by Brent Schoepf (wowrainbows) cracks me up because it’s the first case I’m aware of when an artist has based a design off their own screen name. So that’s neat! I’m less fond of the design than I am the title, though, because I think the almost square proportions of the art look uncomfortable printed on the shirt, just too compact and busy to sit gently. That said, there are definitely some cool things happening in the art. The background graphic has so many beautiful gradients and color shifts that it makes me wish it could be enlarged for a sublimation printed shirt of its own. It’s also cool to see the gritty, spray painted white highlighting the circle, which adds a handmade element to a design that otherwise feels very digital. And of course, the font choice for OK is a strong one, with the flourish on the K suiting the circle it sits in very well.

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    Cool new designs. My favorites are Crystal Sphere and Flock of Birds. I can totally see myself wearing Crystal Sphere on a gray tank. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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