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Threadless: Creative Force and more new this week

threadless creative force

Creative Force by Thomas (Tompe) is my favorite design of the week because it’s a bold, fun, one color print. It’s an image that brings to mind connotations of the pen being mightier than the sword, and of using your words, images and other creations to do battle. I also like the rough, block print feel of the art, which helps it to feel like an ancient symbol carved into rock and worn down over the ages. There’s a really smart, timeless feel to this one, and it wears well on the shirt.

threadless builder's downfallthreadless forbidden love

Builder’s Downfall by Mathijs Vissers (Demented) won Threadless’s Shatter Rupture Break challenge, and it’s a very worthy winner. I love how active this mass of shards is, with sharp angles that pull your attention in every direction and keep the eye moving. But what makes it really special is that it’s not just a neat visual, there’s also some storytelling in the mix. There’s this great shift that happens in the male character shown, first as an optimistic youth and then as a skeptical, worn older man. In combination with the explosion, it feels like it’s communicating feelings of guilt and loss. Really interesting stuff, and the kind of imagery that grows on you over time as its narrative unfolds.

Forbidden Love by Lucas Savelli Verdura (lucaswid) positions that much maligned, uncool dad fashion choice of socks and sandals as being rebellious rather than apathetic, with hilarious results. It’s funny to see such weak, unthreatening pieces of clothing tooling around on a motorcycle at top speed. Part of what makes this good, though, is the restraint of it- it must have been tempting to add cartoon faces or even little sunglasses to give these guys a little more personality. But by avoiding that, the art is so much stronger! It’s the lack of detail (in comparison to the motorcycle) that makes the sock and sandal such a focal point, and the fact that they’re not overly anthropomorphized keeps them boring and fuddy duddy-ish.

threadless nap time all the timethreadless drunk mondrian

Nap Time, All the Time by Nan Lawson (nanlawson) is a heck of a cute cartoon, and with a pro-nap sentiment that’s incredibly easy to relate to. What makes it a special design to me, though, is the way the whole piece feels infused with sunlight, warm yellow tones that glow in from the left and create this warm, safe ambiance. It feels like a lazy summer day reading by the window, sun rays steadily tracking past until you’re left in the shadows with a day well wasted. This sloth definitely has the right idea, and the world would be a better place if we all relaxed as much as he does.

Drunk Mondrian by Renee (Renee_Pabon) was the big winner of the Parsons design challenge, and I’m happy to see that it’s a design that I could easily picture winning at Threadless even without a college-specific contest. There’s a cool motion to the wobbling weaving of the lines, feeling like something between a spiderweb and an old, worn-through section of fabric. The Mondrian palette of primary colors enhances the movement of the art, encouraging the eye to leap from one colored block to the next. And in between, you’re treated to some interesting tangles. It’s cool stuff, and a nice addition to Threadless’s stable of sublimated tees.

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