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30 September 2007 ~ 3 Comments

New This Week at Design By Humans


New week, new shirts at Design By Humans. This is Still Life by ste7en, my favorite of the bunch. It’s a lot of fun and the celebrity likenesses are dead-on, especially cherry Che, which cracks me up. The bright pop-art colors help make this one a must-have.


Chariots Retired by ianleino is a really clever concept. It definitely sparks the imagination to picture a distant parking lot where all the outdated eighties entertainment vehicles are housed. The vintage water-based print completes the concept nicely.

dwgagner’s The Adventure is a cool vintage look. It inspired some controversy in the comments due to some borrowing from some materials exhibited at the Air and Space Museum. I have no real opinion in either direction- I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to expand on the work of others in this way, but I do think I probably would have been more interested if it was less faithful to the original. As is, it doesn’t catch my interest much.


keithmore’s There’s Nowhere to Hide is a well-drawn expression of paranoia that takes full advantage of the shirt’s length. In the final product, though, it’s not quite my cup of tea- I preferred the front and back placement, which I think leaves some mystery about the surveillance (it might seem at first that the satellite is benign or that the man is paranoid, but once you see both sides you have a fuller experience of the theme). It’s quality either way I guess, but I’m much less likely to actually purchase this version.

Chaos Came From the Ocean by steven is really amazing- I love all the creatures spouting from the two hands. I also love that the robot is dressed in a pimpish manner for no apparent reason and that his speech bubbles leave no doubt about his intentions. It’s a really great shirt, is what I’m saying. Definitely click on the original submission link while you’re there, because the design improves when you see it close up (I wish close up views were available for all the shirts).

Overall, a pretty good week. Three of the five are shirts that I’d consider buying, which is some very good odds. Also impressive: DBH’s Shirt of the Week is Rapelling Gang, my favorite shirt of last week. Excellent choice!

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26 September 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Design By Humans Redesigns


Design By Humans has redesigned their site, and it is awesome. In addition to a simplified voting system (there’s now only the choice to vote for a print, rather than the previous yes-maybe-no options), the new site offers some cool rankings (you can see which designs have received the most votes that day, and which shirts are selling the most copies). You can also see exactly how many votes a design has received, which is very neat.

Design By Humans is an on-going t-shirt design competition, offering prizes for Shirt of the Day, Shirt of the Week and Shirt of the month. Designers can earn up to $3500 (plus residuals). If you enter, be sure to read up on DBH’s selection of printing techniques- they can enhance your work with treatments like high density ink, gel, and embroidery.

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22 September 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Design By Humans: New This Week


This might be my favorite week of shirts so far at Design By Humans. I had three major contenders for my favorite of the week, but in the end I had to go with Rappelling Gang by hagithash. I love the style on these characters, and the addition of the frayed rope embroidery on the back is amazing. Completely charming and totally unique.


danr’s Seed was another favorite of mine this week. It takes two common t-shirt elements (the hand and the tree) and combines them into an iconic image. It’s beautiful, and the strong visuals have a lot of power to them- this shirt could easily be a message about environmental issues as well. Add in the off-kilter blue color palette, and this shirt is a must-buy for me.

Our World by LoftySofty is a cool concept: it depicts children drawing a chalk cityscape on the pavement. The contrast of the styles used on the children and the drawings is very expressive and fun. While I would have preferred a lighter grey shirt like the one this design was submitted with, this still looks pretty awesome.


RecycledWax’s Music is bold and fun. The color palette of pink, blue and white is fresh and suits the artist’s cartooning quite well. There’s also some nice contrast between the drawing and the background, which I think helps to sell the theme even more.

Luchador Mask Rejects by eskimokiss is awesome. Just flat out awesome. Each mask is amusing on its own, and as a group they’re incredible (favorites of mine include Che and the hockey mask). As if the shirt weren’t cool enough already, this thing freaking glows in the dark. AWESOME. Do I even need to say that this was another contender for my favorite this week?

Overall this was a great group of shirts. There’s not a single one that I dislike, which is quick a feat. Also, congratulations are in order for artist iotadial: his shirt Silk Moth Soliloquy was named Design By Humans Shirt of the Week!

Design By Humans is an on-going t-shirt design competition, printing a new shirt every weekday. Prizes are available for Shirt of the Day ($500 cash and $250 credit), Shirt of the Week ($1000 cash) and Shirt of the Month ($1500 cash and $250 credit). Additional bonuses are available to artists whose shirts sell a lot of copies. Designers should bear in mind that DBH offers a selection of printing options including foil, gel and discharge effects.

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16 September 2007 ~ 2 Comments

New This Week at Design By Humans


Design By Humans is quickly becoming my favorite t-shirt site. This week’s batch of shirts has a wide range of artistic style and an intriguing selection of printing techniques. Let’s take a closer look:

My favorite shirt this week has got to be It’s a Lovely Death by OutwardCreative. The textures are beautiful, as is the color scheme- it’s an attractive look at a deeply unattractive subject, and that juxtaposition is very appealing. I love the way the colors loop around each other.

Silk Moth Soliloquy is totally original. The asian theme is a great fit to artist iotadial’s style, and the strong vertical of the design expresses a lot of yearning. I can imagine that the gold foil accents in this piece give it a lot of pop.

tomburns’ GOOD and EVIL has an amazing vintage illustrative style, perfectly suited to an oversize print. It’s a one-color print done really well- the lines communicate shades of grey as well, which keeps things fresh.

Tales by DangerRuss was probably my second favorite this week. The subject matter, a grandfather regaling his grandchildren with exaggerated stories from his pasts, is both amusing and heart-warming. The style is expressive and unique (in particular, I love the way the speech bubble is treated). Silver foil highlights add even more pizazz to this awesome shirt.

fawnfruits’ Underwaterdeer is the first shirt I can recall that has had an applique treatment. While I was skeptical of how that technique would look on a shirt, I have to admit that this looks really wicked. Placement is different on the men’s and women’s versions of this shirt, but the men’s version is perfect- the horns curve around towards the collar.

Overall, a great week. I like the range of work shown. Also, I’ve added Design By Humans to the list of contest links on the right of this page. Thanks to Jamey of Sunsports for pointing out the oversight.

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08 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans Shirt of the Week: Is Nothing Sacred


Congratulations to MrRocks, whose shirt design Is Nothing Sacred? was selected as Shirt of the Week at Design By Humans.

The award for Shirt of the Week is an additional $1000 (Shirts of the Day receive $750). There is also a monthly prize of $1750 up for grabs, so if you’ve got a great shirt design (especially one that takes advantage of the unique print techniques that DBH offers), try your hand at submitting. The contest is on-going.

(You may have noticed that this week’s winner… wasn’t actually a Shirt of the Day winner this week. I think this irregularity is due to the fact that no Shirt of the Week was awarded last week, when the $5000 winner was announced. I expect (though no formal rule seems to exist) that in the future, a Shirt of the Day will win the Weekly prize during its inaugural week.)

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07 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New This Week at Design By Humans


I’m not gonna lie, I check Design By Humans every day to see what kickass shirt they’ve decided to print. And every day, I am pleasantly surprised. Because these are truly amazing shirts, make no mistake- the raw creativity and finely-tuned skill on display at DBH is pretty much unmatched by an other site, a fact made all the more amazing because this is still only the site’s second week. Unbelievable.

Animal Story by Raid71 was today’s addition, and it is fantastic. I love this guy’s style because it conveys so much information about light and texture, and the special technique of adding some embroidered accents probably helps to emphasize that even more in person.

Animal Farm by tomburns is one of the most attractive shirts I’ve seen in awhile. The interplay of blues and yellows is gorgeous, and the fact that the design is an homage to the Orwell novel (which, unfortunately, I’ve never actually read) just adds more depth to an already great tee.

Revelations by jimiyo requires a closeup: the delicate lines, smooth shadows and cool copper highlights work together to form a really stylish look. I admit to hating the shirt color on general principle, but it works well with the design here.

Turttle by RWR2 is defined by the bold turtle and tree that form its center. It’s a brilliant, fresh drawing and I bet the flock print adds even more flavor. I might be picking this one up this weekend.

Citylife by Steven communicates the feel of the city perfectly. The printing techniques (oversize print, suede puff lines, foil highlights, oh my!) just communicate awesomeness.

Overall, a really nice week. It’s interesting that four of the five shirts center around animals, I wonder if there’ll be more accidental themes in the future? Anyway, part of me hopes DBH prints some more mediocre stuff soon- buying shirts at this rate, I’m going to be broke!

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01 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans: The Case of the Missing Shirt

Design By Humans fans may have noticed something odd this Thursday… no new shirt was posted! If you’re like me, your first thought was, “Hey, what gives?”

Here’s the deal: Yes, the site intends to have a new shirt design up every weekday. That couldn’t happen this Thursday, but I’ve been assured that this sort of foul-up probably won’t happen again (the exact words of the DBH service rep were not to expect this “unless something really rare and unforeseen happens like all of our computers blowing up or getting struck by lightening”). So the daily winners will still be continuing as announced.

Oh, and there’s a whole redesign of the site currently in progress. DBH currently estimates that the new site will be up and running in two weeks or so. This sounds awesome, I’m hoping for some more user interactivity and a more streamlined voting system.

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