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01 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans: The Case of the Missing Shirt

Design By Humans fans may have noticed something odd this Thursday… no new shirt was posted! If you’re like me, your first thought was, “Hey, what gives?”

Here’s the deal: Yes, the site intends to have a new shirt design up every weekday. That couldn’t happen this Thursday, but I’ve been assured that this sort of foul-up probably won’t happen again (the exact words of the DBH service rep were not to expect this “unless something really rare and unforeseen happens like all of our computers blowing up or getting struck by lightening”). So the daily winners will still be continuing as announced.

Oh, and there’s a whole redesign of the site currently in progress. DBH currently estimates that the new site will be up and running in two weeks or so. This sounds awesome, I’m hoping for some more user interactivity and a more streamlined voting system.

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27 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Design by Humans $5000 Winner Announced


Design by Humans has just announced their $5000 winner: Robot Attack by Legion of Doom

The shirt, which was designed by a team of over 20 artists working in a variety of styles, features a soft hand screen print with metallic ink accents. Oh, and it is ridiculously good-looking.

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08 August 2007 ~ 7 Comments

Design By Humans: Coupon Codes with Every Order

I finally broke down and bought a shirt from Design By Humans. Did you know that every time you order, you’ll get a coupon code worth 15% off on your next order?

The code is good for multiple uses by multiple people, but it expires after 10 days. But, if you spread the code around to your friends, you’ll get a DBH $ for each usage.

On an unrelated note, here is a coupon to get 15% off at Design By Humans: YP1B6M (good until October 17th)

(I bought Black Market, which is a ridiculously good-looking shirt- I love shirts with hand-drawn doodles.)

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18 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans Rock Star Awards


You know, blogging about the t-shirt industry can be kind of a tough gig. You work late at your day job, take a power nap… and suddenly you’re the last one to report on some major t-shirt news.

At any rate, if you didn’t hear about it from Tcritic or Hide Your Arms, then you’ll be pleased to know that Design By Humans has expanded the potential winnings for their t-shirt designers.

According the new winning structure, the Rock Star Awards Program, artists will be able to earn residuals when their designs sell well.

Here’s how the winnings break down:

1,000 total shirts sold
$500 cash award!

2,000 total shirts sold
$1,000 cash award!

3,000 total shirts sold
$1,500 cash award!

5,000 total shirts sold
$2,000 cash award!

10,000 total shirts sold
$5,000 cash award!

It’s hard not to view this as a reaction to the prize increase Threadless made yesterday, but I’m actually of the opinion that DBH would have done this anyway. I think the Threadless change caused them to announce earlier (I’ve been expecting an announcement of something like this after the current $5000 contest ends), but probably nothing else. At any rate, this is certainly great news for t-shirt designers. The more they compete, the more we all win!

And for any potential Design By Humans purchasers, use this code (LWMWD6) to get 15% off your order (expires 08-17-07).

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11 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New T-Shirt Competition: Design By Humans


Yes, another competition. As the t-shirt design competition market gets increasingly saturated, how does a new competition site stand out from the crowd?

With $5000, my friend. That’s right, Design By Humans is launching with a $5000 grand prize. And already, the work being submitted is more than worthy of such a prize. A quick glance through their already stocked store (my favorite shirt, Black Market, is pictured above) lets you know that DBH plans to be the go-to site for tees that could pass as fine art.

Their plan to attract talent includes a multi-tier design competition: Each weekday, a shirt is selected as Shirt of the Day, earning the designer $500 cash and $250 in store credit. At the end of the week, one of the Shirt of the Day winners will be designated Shirt of the Week, winning the designer an additional $1000 cash. Monthly, a Shirt of the Week Winner will rise to become Shirt of the Month (with a prize of another $1500 cash and $250 credit). Which, added together, is quite a windfall!

Another feature that is sure to attract artists is DBH’s Mixed Media template- you can specify such decadent features as embroidery, appliqué, foil and much, much more.

Entries to the $5000 contest must be submitted before August 10th, 2007. Designs submitted after that date are eligible for the site’s other prizes, with an upper limit of $3500. There are already a bunch of truly great shirts in the running (my favorite, Robit, is pictured below), so if you want a chance at that $5000 it’s probably best to submit your work soon!


And for any potential Design By Humans purchasers, here’s a code to get 15% off on your order: LWMWD6 (expires 08-17-07).

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