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17 January 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans’s Drinkware collection

I love it when an established t-shirt store like Design By Humans branches into a new form of merchandise, and their new drinkware collection establishes the most thorough roundup of drinking vessels I’ve seen at any apparel merchant. Stainless steel bottles, clear cups, and even decorated shot glasses provide something for every type of beverage (especially since mugs were already available). Here’s a look at three designs in the collection that I think make best use of these new formats…

The Wisdom by Hydro74 (for the DBH Originals collection) uses a trio of owls to fill the clear 24oz cup with ornate detail at every angle.

Catana by vincenttrinidad packs appropriate fierceness for delivering a stiff drink in a shot glass.

CTHUL-AID by BeastPop is sure to make people wonder what exactly you’re drinking from that stainless steel bottle.

Like what you see? Remember to upload your own art to start selling on these products. And of course, check out the full drinkware collection at Design By Humans.

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19 April 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Giraffes in Shirt Design: 15 great examples

As one of nature’s tallest creatures, giraffes were destined to stand apart from other species. Their trademark long neck and patterns of spots render them instantly recognizable whether in close up or silhouette, making them an inspiration to artists the world over. Here’s a look at 15 great examples of giraffes in shirt design that are head and shoulders above the rest…

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18 January 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Apples in Shirt Design: 15 great examples

From a tasty snack to a teacher’s gift and even a worm’s home, the apple is such an iconic fruit that it means many things to many people. Arguably one of the world’s most recognizable fruit, apples have graces many a t-shirt design. Here’s a look at 15 times apple shirt designs went to the head of the class…

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30 July 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans’s DC Fandome design contest

Want to create a Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or other DC-themed shirt? Look no further than the DC Fandome. All designs that follow the rules and guidelines will be sent to DC for possible approval, and approved designs will earn artists royalties for every product sold.

10 Batman, 10 Superman, 10 Wonder Woman, and 10 DC Universe designs will be sold on-demand in DBH’s DC Fandome exclusive shop.

The submission deadline is August 7th, 2020. Check out DBH’s DC Fandome page for full rules and guidelines, as well as detailed royalty rates.

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15 April 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans’s All Over Contest winners

Note: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Design By Humans has wrapped up their epic All-Over design contest, adding many new large print designs to their catalog’s already robust collection. Fans of the site will recall that they also boast a selection of from major pop culture behemoths like Star Wars and Marvel, so these new designs are in good company. Without further ado…

Finger Jungle by MartaZubieta was the contest’s First Place winner, and it’s very cool to see such an eccentric piece rewarded. The mint and pink color palette feels fresh and summery, and also prevents the concept from veering into overly spooky territory. I like the way it combines the texture of the green area, which is so vaguely defined as to read equally well as seaweed, hair, or something else, with the almost optical illusion of the fingers that jut through the strings and reach out for the viewer. This is a repeating pattern, but done skillfully and printed at the perfect sizing so that most viewers will never notice the repeats.

The Blast by nicebleed claimed Second Place. It’s a space shirt with a difference, eschewing the usual blue tones and stars for an unusual view of a spaceman walking through a mysterious landscape while everything around him glows with a sickly, uncomfortable shade of orange. There’s a real tension created here, with the astronaut’s slumped posture indicating that something isn’t right. A closer look reveals something even more interesting- the entire scene, even the hapless explorer, is covered in glitches. Like video errors, pixels form odd patterns and textures throughout the piece. It’s a unique way of expressing that something is alien, and that reality itself might have broken.

Radial by PolySciGuy earned Third Place. With its stark look of black ink on a white tee, the design is instantly bold and impactful. The line tapers and expands in a way that expresses motion, like the ripples coming off a droplet of water. There’s also something hypnotic about it, drawing the eye of the viewer directly into the center of the tee. Some will see it as purely abstract, while others might see a wormhole or whirlpool. Either way, you’re unlikely to have another shirt like it.

Beyond the top three, there’s still a lot of quality design in the mix. Here’s a quick look at two of my favorites from the competition…

Peaches & Corgis by sugararcade is almost impossibly cute with its rose palette and sweetly rounded illustrations. I love how the corgis have become even more rotund to match the clouds and circular fruit surrounding it. Each corgi has a different face and personality, with some shy and bashful while others beam with joy or even seem to glower with cartoon mischief. The areas of difference keep it fun to continue exploring visually despite the repetition.

Cthulhu by angoes ought to be a big hit with horror fans. It fills the entire canvas with an ornate Cthulhu from the mind of HP Lovecraft, so much detail packed into its cranium that you can see how it might make people a bit insane. In other areas, his wings loom menacingly and angry tentacles coil, ready to spring towards the unlucky. A sneaky red gradient helps to illuminate the details of those limbs while also giving the impression he has emerged from fire-y depths. This is all capped off with a splashy flourish of white lines behind him, like smoky tendrils of fog or or crashing waves. Very slick.

You can see all the Design By Humans All Over Contest designs in the DBH catalog.

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11 March 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans’s All Over design contest

Design By Humans is back with a new All Over design competition, giving artists the chance to create artwork that uses the entire canvas of the shirt, front and back. No sexual content or copyrighted material is allowed, but the theme is otherwise open. Designs printed as part of this collection will be printed on-demand and use a cut and sew technique that ensures the artwork is precise and visible on all areas of the shirt.

Enter before March 28th, 2020 for your chance to win. Voting will be open from March 29th to April 5th, with winners announced on April 6th. 1st place will earn $350, 2nd place gets $250, and 3rd place receives $150. All printed artists (including runners-up) will retain copyright of their work and will earn royalties for each item sold.

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08 January 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Snowmen in Shirt Design: 15 great examples

As a classic winter symbol and source of seasonal nostalgia for many, the snowman is a staple of cold weather shirt design. Whether they’re melting as the sun grows hotter, celebrating the holidays, or behaving like humans, snow creatures of all sorts decorate shirts this time of year. Here’s a look at 15 great examples of ways snowmen have made winter shirts more fun…

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