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21 May 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Design and Sell Your Own Face Masks

Now that face masks are becoming commonplace in the USA and across the globe, there’s a huge range of creative possibilities for artists to explore with this new accessory. From funny jokes that lighten the mood to abstract patterns or even important messages, there are a lot of ways for people to use masks to communicate their beliefs, interests, or aspects of their personality.

If you want to get started with your own masks, here are three sites that will have your art up and available for sale within minutes! Note that all of these masks are intended for non-medical use.


Pictured: Rainbow Smile Mask by Alice Carroll

Here’s what you need to know about these masks:

  • Two layers of 100% brushed polyester with a sublimation print on the outside layer
  • 7.25″ x 4.6″ with over-the-ear elastic straps
  • For every mask sold, Redbubble will make a donation to Heart to Heart International
  • Prices vary, starting at about $12 each (with a discount for purchases of 4+ masks)

See the full RedBubble mask catalog.


Pictured: Vote QR Code Election Mask by fishbiscuit

Here’s what you need to know about these masks:

  • Basic (single-layer) masks are sublimated polyester, while Double-Layer masks are polyester exterior with microfiber lining
  • Basic masks have over-the-ear fabric loops, Double-Layer masks have over-the-ear elastic loops
  • Double-Layer masks include an area where a filter (not included) may be added
  • For every mask sold, TeePublic donates one medical-grade mask to Direct Relief
  • Basic masks are currently priced at $10 each, while Double-Layer masks are $15 each

See the full TeePublic mask catalog.


Pictured: Pink Oh No Face Mask by Oh No Face Masks and MedshareDonate

Here’s what you need to know about these masks:

  • 2 ply polyester with print on one side and reversible to black on the other side
  • 7.5″ x 4.5″ with over-the-ear elastic loops
  • A portion of proceeds from each mask is donated to Medshare, up to a $500K maximum donation
  • Masks are priced at $17

See the full Threadless mask catalog.

Bonus – Masks that require some crafting at Spoonflower

Pictured: Spectacular Cats DIY Face Mask Kit by cynthia_arre

Here’s what you need to know about these masks:

  • Each kit makes two double-layer cotton masks
  • 9″ x 3″ finished masks with elastic or twill tape to secure the mask around the head
  • Kits cost $10, with each kit making two masks

See the full Spoonflower DIY Mask Kit catalog.

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26 September 2016 ~ 0 Comments

2 Point Perspective Made Easy with a Rubber Band

2 point perspective can be a real hassle. If you’re using a ruler, it often seems to get in the way just as much as it helps, and stray lines can make it difficult to create something complex and detailed. But luckily, there’s a trick! And all it involves is a rubber band and a paperclip.

The best video link I can find seems to be only available on Facebook. (The poster notes that video is also on Instagram, but the link to that and to the original artist have not yet been located.)

Although this video isn’t as detailed, Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad also played with the same technique (starts around the 3 minute mark):

If you have a better video source for this trick, please link it in the comments!

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28 February 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Draw a Box: Upgrade your drawing skills

draw a box

One of the cool things about the t-shirt design world is that a lot of shirt designers come from backgrounds (like programming or writing) that might not have included much art training. Since the best shirt designs often hinge on bold concepts and simplicity, it’s very possible to do great things and be quite successful without doing much illustration. But having that limitation can mean that you have to pass on some fun ideas, so if you’re in that boat (or have some training and want to refresh your skills), Draw a Box is a site worth checking out.

It’s free, and includes lessons, exercises and homework that can take you from the basics (like drawing lines and shapes) to more advanced work (like drawing the human figure or environments). Even better, you can get feedback on your work from the site’s creator in posts on r/ArtFundamentals. Videos are also available on Youtube.

Get started by going to Draw A Box and clicking the Learn link in the header.

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06 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

DBH’s Make Your Own Photoshop Brushes Guide

design by humans make your own photoshop brushes

Have you ever wanted to make your own Photoshop brushes? Design By Humans has a great guide showing how to do exactly that. What’s especially neat is that they have details and screenshots for two methods, both for making a traditional textured Photoshop brush and for making a brush you can use with your drawing tablet.

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29 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

TeeFury blog: What’s the best pop culture to parody?

teefury blog picking pop culture

This week on the TeeFury blog, I’ve got an article asking the question What’s the best pop culture to parody? So if you’ve ever struggled with deciding which pop culture concepts are worth investing your time and efforts, check it out for some ideas on how to narrow your focus to the most profitable.

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22 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

TeeFury blog: Make Art More Efficiently with a Schedule

teefury schedule

This week on the TeeFury blog, I talk about how to improve your productivity and Make Art More Efficiently with a Schedule. The two major scheduling options, setting aside specific time to work on art and using deadlines for individual designs, are discussed in depth. Worth a look if you’re often strapped for time!

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15 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

TeeFury blog: Expanding the Fictional Universe

teefury expanding the fictional universe

Want to make t-shirt fans feel like they’re truly a part of their favorite fandom? I wrote about how to do exactly that in my post about Expanding the Fictional Universe in the TeeFury Blog.

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