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12 April 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Introducing Mediocritee

It’s been a long two years since first announced it, but after a series of Screenprint Sunday tests on their main site, the new Mediocritee is now open for business!

The site will offer two designs by the same artist each week, launching new pieces at 11am EST each Monday. A slider effect allows customers to compare the two designs, which will often relate to each other in some way such as this week’s pair of a Mediocritee-branded art museum under construction and then open for business. Shirts are priced at $10 for one shirt or $15 for both.

Although artist compensation has yet to be made public, Mediocritee has indicated that they are open to working with new artists and offer their support page as the best place contact them for more details.

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26 March 2017 ~ 1 Comment

Introducing Mediocritee

Serious fans are probably already familiar with, a site very much in the style of early Woot (with daily deals and a humorous, irreverent style in their copywriting), staffed with many former Woot employees, and created by Woot’s original founder.

But t-shirt fans who got involved with the Woot brand through Shirt.Woot now have a great reason to pay attention as well, because Meh has just started work on a new project called Mediocritee.

There’s not much to say yet about Mediocritee- they’ve yet to put up a product for sale. Everything we know about their future plans is in one fairly vague forum post. But before further announcements are made, they’re taking input and suggestions from forum posters and that makes this a great opportunity to get involved in the process if you’re a t-shirt fan or artist, because your opinions could help shape what the site ultimately becomes.

Here are some specific forum threads that might be of interest:

Artists wanted? is a place for shirt artists and designers to check in and make their opinions heard. Snapster (CEO of, Mediocritee’s parent company) hints that free t-shirts might be offered to printed artists who post to say hello.

A place for suggestions includes posts about purchasing options (like color choice) and more.

What do you like (or dislike) with other shirts/shirt sites? has some thoughts on what works and what doesn’t in the current t-shirt marketplace.

T-shirt brand? questions what t-shirt blank will be used, including a noteworthy post by Snapster suggesting that “[Mediocritee will] also be seriously considering our own cut/branded tees.”

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