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15 January 2018 ~ 0 Comments

For Fans By Fans: Wallet Design Challenge

For Fans By Fans is using their FanForge system for a new set of Wallet Design Challenges. Artists will have the chance to create artwork for the officially licensed fandoms of Guild Wars 2, Dungeons & Dragons, Homestuck, Hiveswap, Steven Universe, and My Little Pony.

Enter before February 15th, 2018 for your chance to win. Printed artists earn a commission per sale of their design.

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07 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

WeLoveFine’s Destiny design contest winners

we love fine king cayde-6

King Cayde-6 by ARMcD was one of Bungie’s selections as a Destiny design contest winner, and it’s also my favorite of the bunch. I think what really works about this one for me is that it plays with the very rigid posing of face cards and emphasizes it by using such a sharp, mechanical-looking creature as the protagonist. His form is exaggerated further with strong diagonal angles, capped off with the eye-catching way that the character’s head protrusion extends past the border of the card. Another aspect of this design I like is the use of that patterning below the head, as this level of detail adds a lot of interest and helps to break up all the solidly colored areas a bit. All in all, it’s very wearable and surprisingly sophisticated for a video game shirt.

Check out all the Destiny design contest winners at WeLoveFine.

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22 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

WeLoveFine’s StarCraft design contest winners

welovefine adjutant

WeLoveFine‘s StarCraft design contest Grand Prize winner is Adjutant by Syldenn, and it’s an excellent choice. For starters, it’s extremely refreshing to see this low corner print placement, a look that WeLoveFine doesn’t do very often. That off-center look is very important to the piece because it amplifies the unusual feel of the artwork and also allows the mass of wires to run off the hem, which makes the android character feel more vast. By mixing human elements with technological ones, the robot combines qualities of beauty and strangeness. There’s a really exotic feel to it, like we’re peering into a future that’s right around the corner. That said, there is one choice that doesn’t quite work- the size of the print. This design really calls for a larger print (in part to raise the focal point so it’s not so low on the body), and it’s a shame that the printing process used doesn’t seem to be up to the challenge.

Check out all the StarCraft design contest winners at WeLoveFine.

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12 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

WeLoveFine’s Destiny design contest

welovefine destiny

WeLoveFine has teamed up with Bungie for the Destiny design contest, seeking designs about the hit video game series. The highest rated designs will be judged by Bungie and WeLoveFine.

Enter before July 21st, 2016 for your chance to win. Seven winners will each receive a Destiny merchandise prize pack (including Ghost plush, Engram set, Art of Destiny book, Destiny thermos, and Tricorn cinch pack). Winners will also receive a commission for each unit of their shirt sold.

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21 June 2016 ~ 0 Comments

WeLoveFine’s Homestuck Design Contest 3 winners

welovefine kids on the block

It should come as no surprise that Kids on the Block by kiwibyrd is my favorite Homestuck Design Contest 3 winner- this design structure of filling the comic’s logo with elements that speak to the strip’s contents was also what caught my eye in Homestuck’s first contest with This Is Stupid by appulsprite. But while both share a core concept, it’s arguable that this new rendition improves on the idea by using color and bolder illustration to immediately catch the eye and build interest. Even as someone completely unfamiliar with the comic, I can look at this and be intrigued by what’s going on. The inclusion of a pet for each character is a smart move because the way each person interacts with their animal gives them some personality. It’s the kind of art that I suspect gives fans a lot of references to inspire some nostalgia and positive memories, while at the same time it drops intriguing clues for the uninitiated that might make them interested to read the comic and learn more.

Check out all the Homestuck Design Contest 3 winners at WeLoveFine!

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13 June 2016 ~ 0 Comments

WeLoveFine’s Star Trek design contest winners

we love fine star trek airlines

Star Trek Airlines by Mark Ciavarella is the Stephen Ricossa Judge Pick from WeLoveFine’s Star Trek Design Contest, and it’s also my favorite of the bunch. To me, this minimal style really captures the optimism of the series, the idea that humanity could solve all its problems and truly help to make the universe a better place. By taking its cues from the Pan Am logo, this design seems to be saying that we’ve already started on that journey, and one day we’ll be navigating the stars. Also, it’s pretty neat to see a Star Trek shirt that isn’t afraid to deviate from the show’s trademark futuristic font. Changing it up here helps enhance the retro quality of the design, letting you look at the future through the rose-tinted glasses of the past.

Check out all the Star Trek design contest winners at WeLoveFine.

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16 May 2016 ~ 0 Comments

WeLoveFine’s Deadpool design contest 2 winners

we love fine bite me

WeLoveFine‘s Deadpool design contest 2 winners have been announced, and I think of all the designs it’s the Taco Bell Judge’s Pick that stands out as the best. Bite Me by El Cid literally combines the superhero with his favorite food, and feels like the kind of “you are what you eat” moment that he’d appreciate. It’s very, very silly, and Deadpool seems to be protesting the ridiculousness of the situation a bit with his hands on hips defiant posture (of course, this just makes it all funnier). The original submission actually had the Bite Me title on the shirt itself, but I think it was a smart choice on WeLoveFine’s part to print it without. Leaving it unsaid makes the joke seem less cheap, and also allows all attention to be focused where it should be- on the character. I think it might have been wise to remove that grey splatter and halftone background as well (it just doesn’t add anything to the design), but either way this was a strong choice for a print.

Check out all the Deadpool design contest 2 winners at WeLoveFine.

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