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31 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Tee Contest Year in Review(s) 2011

It’s been a pretty rad year for t-shirt contests! I’m going to wrap up 2011 with the best shirt I reviewed each month this past year, highlighting some of the best and brightest in the genre. Enjoy!


The Fox Confessor by Lindsey Carr (lindseycarr)

“…like a biologist carefully carving into the environment itself, and leaving only a mash of the best and most interesting that land and life in that area had to offer.”
Threadless: New this week, January 12th, 2011


Sophronia by tesseract

“I like the implications this design makes about how there are a lot of ways to live, and that tall brick apartments might not be the only way to build a city.”
Design By Humans: New this week, February 13th, 2011



Pizza Loves Pizza by Matthew Dent (state28)

“It’s the classiest kind of cannibalism I can imagine…”
Threadless: New this week, March 30th, 2011



NeverEnding Solo by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini (alvarejo)

“…with such enthusiasm and trapper keeper flair that you’re instantly transported back to that time…”
Threadless: New this week, April 20th, 2011



Flaming Fox by Edison Zhou

“…exciting, spooky, and best of all makes a big impression on the tee…”
Scopial’s Flaming Fox, May 14th, 2011



Symphony for a Mermaid by MrWayne

“…framing an antique globe with a rush of waves to imply travel and a distant, mysterious place…”
La Fraise’s Symphony for a Mermaid, June 4th, 2011



Peguei! by Fernando Degrossi

“…the weird juxtapositions make you think of the original properties differently than you ever have before…”
Camiseteria’s Peguei!, July 16th, 2011



Key to my Soul by Monkey Mouth

“There’s a sense that some mystery or secret lurks in there, and if you stare long enough you might unlock it.”
Tee Project’s Key to my Soul, August 1st, 2011



B-Shirt by Justin White (jublin)

“It captures that sense of pure adventure (no brain power required) and a focus on cool moments rather than a coherent plot…”
Threadless: New this week, September 2nd, 2011



Rebuild the Forest by free_agent08

“This is the way you’d expect a landscaping plan to look through the eyes of a supercomputer…”
Design By Humans: New this week, October 2nd, 2011



DJ by aligulec

“…it’s too bad that other monsters ruined the huge-thing-in-the-city deal for everyone.”
A Better Tomorrow’s DJ, November 8th, 2011



Reburied Treasure by David Soames and Nathan W. Pyle (davidfromdallas)

“They’re kindred spirits in a way, both dedicated to finding their respective treasures and then hiding them underground.”
Threadless: New this week, December 14th, 2011


For reference, here’s the Tee Contest Year in Review(s) 2010.

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29 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

TeeProject’s Escape Me

Escape Me by JaidenFK is the newest print at TeeProject, though to be honest it’s a bit of a letdown after the magnificence that was their last print. Most things would look a little lackluster in comparison, to be fair. There are some nice bits- I like the geometric lines framing the bottom of the tree, and the way the tree brushes just past the edge of its blue, circular background. The problem is that it all feels a bit generic. The tree looks more like a clipart silhouette than a new artist-created image. The text is a miss as well, using a bland font and a phrase that doesn’t really make any sense. What is Escape Me meant to mean? Are we supposed to want to get away from nature? Trees are pretty much stuck where they are, so it’s not a very exciting thought.

Winners at Tee Project earn $500 AUD (about US $523).

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