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31 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Tee Contest Year in Review(s) 2011

It’s been a pretty rad year for t-shirt contests! I’m going to wrap up 2011 with the best shirt I reviewed each month this past year, highlighting some of the best and brightest in the genre. Enjoy!


The Fox Confessor by Lindsey Carr (lindseycarr)

“…like a biologist carefully carving into the environment itself, and leaving only a mash of the best and most interesting that land and life in that area had to offer.”
Threadless: New this week, January 12th, 2011


Sophronia by tesseract

“I like the implications this design makes about how there are a lot of ways to live, and that tall brick apartments might not be the only way to build a city.”
Design By Humans: New this week, February 13th, 2011



Pizza Loves Pizza by Matthew Dent (state28)

“It’s the classiest kind of cannibalism I can imagine…”
Threadless: New this week, March 30th, 2011



NeverEnding Solo by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini (alvarejo)

“…with such enthusiasm and trapper keeper flair that you’re instantly transported back to that time…”
Threadless: New this week, April 20th, 2011



Flaming Fox by Edison Zhou

“…exciting, spooky, and best of all makes a big impression on the tee…”
Scopial’s Flaming Fox, May 14th, 2011



Symphony for a Mermaid by MrWayne

“…framing an antique globe with a rush of waves to imply travel and a distant, mysterious place…”
La Fraise’s Symphony for a Mermaid, June 4th, 2011



Peguei! by Fernando Degrossi

“…the weird juxtapositions make you think of the original properties differently than you ever have before…”
Camiseteria’s Peguei!, July 16th, 2011



Key to my Soul by Monkey Mouth

“There’s a sense that some mystery or secret lurks in there, and if you stare long enough you might unlock it.”
Tee Project’s Key to my Soul, August 1st, 2011



B-Shirt by Justin White (jublin)

“It captures that sense of pure adventure (no brain power required) and a focus on cool moments rather than a coherent plot…”
Threadless: New this week, September 2nd, 2011



Rebuild the Forest by free_agent08

“This is the way you’d expect a landscaping plan to look through the eyes of a supercomputer…”
Design By Humans: New this week, October 2nd, 2011



DJ by aligulec

“…it’s too bad that other monsters ruined the huge-thing-in-the-city deal for everyone.”
A Better Tomorrow’s DJ, November 8th, 2011



Reburied Treasure by David Soames and Nathan W. Pyle (davidfromdallas)

“They’re kindred spirits in a way, both dedicated to finding their respective treasures and then hiding them underground.”
Threadless: New this week, December 14th, 2011


For reference, here’s the Tee Contest Year in Review(s) 2010.

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14 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Scopial’s Flaming Fox

Flaming Fox by Edison Zhou is a recent print at Scopial that really caught my eye. It’s a unique look at an animal that somehow (despite being good-looking and imbued with the human quality of slyness) hasn’t gotten a lot of play in more artistic shirts. Here, the viewer is placed above the fox, and he appears to be stalking his way through the snow trailing his familiar bushy tail behind him. Except it’s not a tail, it’s a huge explosion of billowing smoke and flame. Rather than giving the impression that the animal might be on fire, it’s clear that he’s actually MADE of fire, like some kind of supernatural creature. The result is exciting, spooky, and best of all makes a big impression on the tee, framing the collar in read and black smoke while the fox himself dominates the torso. Excellent placement makes an already interesting concept even more appealing.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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05 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Scopial’s The City

It’s been awhile since I checked in with Scopial, largely because they took a break for a bit from printing new designs. But they appear to be back in full force now, and I’m glad I took a look because The City by Tang Yau Hoong is really something special. With his back to the viewer and a huge, alien cityscape glowing before him, this is a protagonist who seems like he’s on the verge of a great adventure. It’s the sort of work that could easily be a book cover or a movie poster because of the way it inspires the imagination and begins to tell a story in a single glance. The boy could be the ruler of this land, or an explorer about to discover it. There’s no way to know for sure, but with it’s unfamiliar architecture and glowing blue tones you just know that something amazing is going on in this place. It’s a scene that makes you want to dive right in and be a part of it.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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27 July 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Scopial’s Over the Rainbow

Scopial just printed one of my favorites at their site in awhile, Over the Rainbow by Diogo Hornburg. This is one of those designs that really comes alive on the shirt. I love the way it rises from the lower corner in a flood of blue splashes, with a tower built on a rainbow rising even higher to tower over the scene. The style has a definite sketchy feeling to it, which I think aids in the dream-like quality it evokes. I’m impressed by the way it uses the full canvas of the tee, and I think it’s the kind of design you not only want to wear, you also want to find a way to enter the shirt and live in the scene it depicts.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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21 June 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Scopial: Let’s Settle It – In the Shadows

Let’s Settle It – In the Shadows by Darel Seow is the latest print at Scopial. It’s definitely one of the most original shirts I’ve seen in the pirates vs ninjas genre, imagining that instead of a fight they settle their differences with shadow puppetry. With that said, I’m not sure it’s entirely successful. The problem with the joke is that it really feels like two very different designs- the realism of the pirate and ninja is a stark contrast to their shadows, which are very cartoon-y. I’m also a bit confused by the ninja’s puppet, which appears to be some kind of fighting turtle. It’s just weird, not something I would naturally associate with ninjas (a dragon, for example, would seem more natural). And I can’t help but think that the concept will be lost to most people, since the shadow puppets are so clearly impossible. A little more effort on integrating the realism of the scene into the shadows would have made this design a lot more effective.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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25 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Scopial’s The Horsemen

Scopial is back with a new release, The Horsemen by Sebastian Albert. There’s a lot of strength in this rendering of the reaper, emphasizing the horse’s muscles and the rider’s billowing robes. You feel the motion, and sense that just beyond the shirt there’s probably some victim they’re bearing down on. It’s a well-done piece, with some net extras in the form of skulls scattered throughout the design. Even with all those pluses, though, I have to admit that it feels a bit generic to me. Some of that is due to the subject matter (reapers are everywhere!), but the black and white treatment and the flourished background don’t do much to set it apart from the crowd.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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20 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Katipuneros at Scopial

Katipuneros by Ralph Pykee Lambaco is the newest winner at Scopial, and it’s pretty rad. I’m not typically enamored with rough, sketchy work, but here the style is a perfect fit- it adds to the urgency of the action scene, and has a textural quality that leaves it feeling raw. While the design is ostensibly about some kind of Filipino revolution, it has much more widespread appeal because it appears to be more of a revolt of the undead. The large print size is another asset, making this tee worth a look for anyone who likes skulls or a battle.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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